Thursday, February 11, 2016

Adamantly Amethyst or Positively Purple

I have given into the urge to wear purple stuff to match my hair. 
And when you find a gorgeously soft and majorly flattering dress like this one? You snap it up!

  • Dress - Jackpot, thrifted; purchased here a couple of weeks ago for $10.00
  • Shoes - Gentle Souls; last worn here in September 2015 with blue trendy things

"I know there are shoelaces in this closet"
Isn't it a smashing dress? I love the gentle ruching on the side, the perfect just-past-the-knee length, the longer sleeve and the fabulously rich colour. It's also 95% viscose (5% lycra) which means it's super soft to wear. I did wear a bright red vintage slip under this, which I flashed at some of my WW ladies, tee hee.
"If I keep watching, the shoelaces will appear again"
Vizzini got into L's shoe closet this morning - I keep my runners in there for walking to and from work, and he managed to hook the laces out (they are intact, thanks for asking). He is also adept at pulling our closet doors open, so this one has been added to our masking tape routine. All of the closets in our other hallway are taped shut. He hasn't figured out how to open my closet door, thank goodness! I had to reassure L today that yes, I had retaped the door and yes, his Fluevog collection was safe.

The stuff:
I'm shocked that I haven't worn these shoes since September! I love them - they were amazing to run around the office in. Must wear them more.

Silver bling:
I liked the pop of turquoise against the purple.

  • Necklace - The Bay, about 8 years ago?
  • Earrings - local
  • Ring - local

L and I are going out for dinner tomorrow night for an early Valentine's Day - wishing you all lots of love. Be kind to yourself, and share the love. See you on Sunday for the weekend wrap-up!


  1. Hope you have a lovely Valentine's dinner Sheila! :)

    That purple dress is awesome on you - and not just because it matches your hair. I really like the statement necklace with it :)

  2. Red under purple? Yes please!
    People say ankle straps cut your leg off visually, but I think they are super elegant.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  3. Yay for the purple dress! I do love purple with turquoise and also with green. I just finished knitting a purple cardigan a week ago and used hand painted green and blue buttons on it.

  4. That cat! He so smart, he's going to start leaving you notes soon. Love this gorgeous purple dress, xox


  5. Beautiful dress indeed - and I wish you could have "flashed us" with the red slip. Just a bit :)

  6. Smashing stunning purple dress, not to mention it looks fabulous on you!

  7. Yummy purple dress Sheila and beautifully styled with these wedges. Hope you guys have a wonderful Valentines day! Xxxxxx
    Anna's Island style

  8. Yes indeed, this is a perfect dress. Unbelievable for that price. And the shoes are great. You probably haven't worn them for a while because you are spoiled for choice heh heh, grin.
    That cat of yours is smething else. What a smart animal.

  9. You look fabulous in purple - but why couldn't you flash your vintage red slip at us as well as your WW group?!
    One of my cats can hook the fridge door open, we have to keep a chair in front of it!
    Hope you enjoyed your meal out. Xxx

  10. That is a lovely dress, and I like the chunky shoes with it. Glad that L's collection of Fluevogs is safe from the curious claws of Vizzini. With a shoe collection such as you two have, I'm surprised you don't padlock the closet doors!


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