Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Tamer Version of Me - Blue and Houndstooth

Again, a further thanks to the readers who took the time to comment over the last couple of days - I'm so very grateful to you all for your support. I promise I'll never sell out. I'll continue to be my wacky self. 
Not so wacky today - I can always tell when I've veered into conservative territory when a few of my female coworkers are excited about my outfit.

  • Sweater - Lord & Taylor, thrifted; purchased here on the weekend for $24.95
  • Trousers - TopShop, thrifted; purchased here at the same shop for $14.95
  • Shoes - Go Fresh, thrifted; bought at a different store, but same day, for $16.95 

Not so wordy today, as it's late (7:30pm) and I haven't had dinner (L is out buying us Subway, what a treat!), and Thursday is my WW meeting. I had the nicest compliment from one of my members, who is a lecturer and presenter in her job. She said, "You're hot! This (the meeting) isn't easy to do and you rock it."

Aw, that means more to me than anything. What a great feeling.
Anyway, I loved everything in this outfit, but I couldn't resist wearing them all together. The cashmere sweater was so soft, I loved the cut of the pants (although they are a little big, but they don't have stretch, so that's all very well).

The stuff:
The shoes make a funny noise, but that may have been because I was wearing them with bare feet.

  • Necklace - Banana Republic, consignment (for $5.00!)
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes

For the reader who asked about my outerwear with yesterday's outfit. This is the same thing that I wore today.
My thrifted Bebe raincoat, my wool felt bowler, my fur Muppet scarf and my black studded leather Danier gloves. Ta-dah! I do change my shoes to runners for the walk, but otherwise, this is one of my regular outerwear looks.

Dinner's home - gotta go! I'll be back on Monday (it's a holiday in BC, Family Day) with a bigass wrap-up, as I have a very busy weekend starting tomorrow night, Saturday and then the Super Bowl on Sunday. Go, Panthers!


  1. Haha! You probably KNOW that I'd think this outfit is very cool :) Keep in mind my age (67). And I've been going back and reading posts I've missed. I'll never catch up - BUT I really enjoyed reading the ones where you shared a bit more personal information re. your job, etc. I can relate to being an introvert who works at being extroverted. And I understand the exhaustion that comes from that. By the way, I think your photos are amazing. Then again, consider the source...

    Enjoy your weekend. Chill, my friend!

  2. Veering into conservative territory with PURPLE HAIR!'ll NEVER sell out! <3

  3. I know when I would totally wear your whole outfit, no changes, it's definitely a tamer outfit! (And yet I'm still the wild one at my office...).
    Did you read about Danier teetering on the brink of insolvency? I read it and thought of you, 30 years from now, browsing thrift stores and not finding any more leather pants :'(

  4. What a great compliment :)
    and I have to say that you rock the pants - and the blue and the rain coat. Total success.

  5. A great classical look - you wow the people around you no matter your attire! xox


  6. Thanks for including a picture of your orange coat! I have a fondness for both the color orange and for trench coats, so I admire that one very much.

  7. This is the perfect outfit (in my humble opinion) for the sort of days we had this past week. Just the right amount of colour, just the right amount of 'cosy'.
    I don't often comment, but I love to visit. You really ARE an inspiration, you know!

  8. Very chic - you do look fantastic in trousers, I'm a little envious! It's good to mix it up - sometimes more conservative, sometimes full-on quirky, that's what makes you you! xxx

  9. You look like such a cool cat in this ensemble. However, the trenchcoat and accessories pump up the volume - beautifully played!
    Anna's Island Style


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