Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Giraffe Print and Posing With the Cat

I try not to look at my stats too much, but every so often I take a peek. I'm aware that Blogger made some changes lately, which result in a whack of followers disappearing...and I know people are reading my blog (hello!) because every so often someone tells me, "I read your blog!"
I spent the day wondering why my hair wouldn't stay in place, then realized I forgot to put product in.
But I have fewer and fewer comments as time goes on - and I do love visiting the people who visit me, but I have screwed myself.

  • Sweater - Rino Rossi, thrifted; purchased here on the weekend for $14.95
  • Skirt - Hettermarks, via W&J Wilson, vintage 60s, thrifted; last seen here way back in February 2015
  • Shoes - Coffee Sumatra, Fluevog; last worn here in October 2015 during my birthday week

How? I dislike having an internet presence (says the woman posting pictures of herself all over the internet), so I do not have any kind of profile online: no Facebook, no LinkedIn, no Instagram, no Google + (aside from what I need to sign into Blogger), no Disqus account or profile. This means that I often can't sign in to those platforms to comment on my readers' blogs or thank them for commenting on mine. So if you have commented and I haven't responded, it's probably because I'm a paranoid freak. Heh. Just so you know. I also don't own a cell phone, an iPad, a laptop or anything other than our crappy old desktop computer. And I don't have a drivers' licence either!
"Woman, you talk too much."
I also know that my pictures are not very good, but I only take a few a day and since I post every bloody day, I don't have the time or the inclination to suddenly start spending more time on that. I'm sure this puts people off. I try to remind myself that I blog for myself, and that if I stop enjoying it, I should stop. I'm coming up on 8 years of blogging (seriously, I started in 2008, I'm a dinosaur!), and I do still enjoy it. I think.

Am I overthinking this? Probably.
"You should post more pictures of me, you'd get more comments."
So let's get back to this outfit. It's pretty simple, just a sweater a skirt and shoes. The sweater was lovely to wear - I layered a vintage camisole under it to keep any itchiness at bay. I love the bold print of it - it means I don't have to do much accessory-wise.

I haven't worn the skirt in nearly a year, but it's part of such a magnificent suit that I can't get rid of it.

The stuff:
And you know I love my shoes. They aren't going anywhere.

  • Earrings - Glee

Me? I'm going to go heat up some chili and do some painting, I think. Or read a book. Certainly, I won't be poring over my stats. See you tomorrow.


  1. I don't officially follow any blogs, so my views probably don't officially count in your stats, but I look forward to reading yours every day, in case that matters to you. :-) Love today's outfit--as is true most days, even if (no, even though) I generally don't comment. Guess I should more often!

  2. You definitely still have readers! Some of us are just bad at commenting though :)

  3. Love the printed top with the red skirt! :)

    And I completely understand you not having many online accounts. I followed you for a while before I started commenting, as I didn't have an account to comment with! :) Now of course I have a google account. People will still be able to find you and keep reading after the google changes :)

  4. Sheila, I have to de-lurk to comment on this post! I greatly appreciate your blogging approach. I've been reading blogs and blogging myself since the earliest days of blogging. The blogging landscape today has changed radically and not for the better. Social media integration and data harvesting operations put me off of most blogs. (also, get off my lawn! i'm old!) One of the reasons I like and continue to read your blog is because it's more like the blogs of yore, and I think more authentic and honest than the majority of fashion blogs that have survived this long.

    I can't stand Disqus and I use a script blocker to turn it off everywhere.

    So go Sheila go, keep on blogging old school and I will keep on reading.


  5. I almost never comment, but I've been reading your blog faithfully since probably 2009 or 2010. It's by far my favorite fashion blog and one of the few I've stuck with for years. My mom enjoys reading it with me too sometimes. I'm young enough to be your daughter (mid-20s, but my parents are much older than you are, so don't feel too old!) and I'm still very inspired by the way you dress. Aside from my mom you're one of my biggest fashion influences! I don't love everything you wear, but I always find it interesting and I love your use of color. I like vicariously shopping through you too! (My budget is more along the lines of a bi-monthly Goodwill trip, so I have to have my fun where I can!)

    I've also lost a lot of weight (about 75 pounds total in several spurts over the last 8.5 years) and while my figure isn't much like yours I can still relate to your thoughts on dressing a body type that's very different from the one you used to have.

    Anyway, this is all to say that while you never hear from me, I greatly appreciate your blog and enjoy seeing what you wear every day. I'm glad you still enjoy it, because I would miss you if you were gone.

  6. Thanks for explaining.
    I have a love-hate relationship with the internet. I get overwhelmed quickly, so I often post without commenting much.
    I receive your blog in my blogger dashboard feed, but rarely if ever comment. Just so you know!
    You deserve a medal for your consistency!
    I love your passion about clothes and sense of discovery :-) xo Jazzy Jack

  7. I don't have a blog. I do enjoy visiting a few, though, and yours is a must for me. I've clued into your usual schedule and look forward to seeing your fun clothes every time! My life is ho-hum, stay-at-home-mom. I don't have a lot of opportunities to wear great outfits, but you can be sure that I take your sense of fun with me when I shop. I would miss your internet presence.

  8. I read your blog. I like your blog. Facebook? Not my jam either.
    I find your lack of self-promotion to be refreshing. You're not working on your personal brand, you're just being you -- it's infinitely cooler and way more fun to hang out with.
    Rock on.

  9. I don't comment as much in reality as I do in my head, but reading this, I will maybe try a bit harder. I have very little on line presence myself. Not even a blog, so you are ahead of me! I admire and appreciate what you do in putting your ensembles together, and your daily posts. Thanks for what you do.

  10. Brilliant outfit Sheila, especially with that pefect skirt and inimitable shoes. Hm, I wondered after the weekend shopping post how that giraffe sweater would work out: with that high crew neckline I would have left it on the rack, but you've definitely pulled it off!

  11. Hi Sheila
    I feel a bit like the person who reads the gossip magazines whole waiting in line at the supermarket.
    I read your blog everyday. (Thanks for sticking with it all these years!I'm not into thrift shopping , but do attempt to sew for myself (sometimes).I also guiltily buy 'bargains' I know have been made in a questionable factories with few standards.
    There ya go... clean slate
    Regards Sue in Australia

  12. I adore your blog & have been reading it for years...it is one of my favorites. I love your style & how you put outfits together. I'm just not much of a commenter, despite having a blog & liking when others comment. However, I am terrible at responding to comments as well.


  13. I don't do a lot of commenting and I don't follow any blogs officially, but I would like you to know that I read your blog every day and I look forward to it very much. I don't dress the same way you do, but often your unusual looks have been an inspiration for me.
    Thank you very much!
    Sonja (from Spain)

  14. I read your blog every day! Your clothing, the way you style it, and the panache with which you wear it all keep me coming back for more. Thanks for continuing to take those pics!

    And Vizzini IS cute. Makes me miss my own black cat, who passed away almost two years ago at age 18, but it also makes me smile every time I see his pictures. So his (Vizzini's) ego is assuaged, I hope.

  15. While I did see a lot of followers suddenly disappear I had no clue that blogger had made changes.
    Like you, I blog for myself and try to keep blogging separate from my on line presence otherwise, such as FB or Twitter.
    I read you everyday and continue to enjoy your looks, today for example I am all for that top and Vizzini's adventures are always a delight to read.

  16. Hey Sheila, Blogger made changes? hmmm.
    I'm guilty. I don't comment on your blog. I often just don't know what to comment on blogs. It's like sudden stage fright or something. I am like you though in not doing any other social media, not even a cell phone, not even google+. So sometimes I can't comment on other sites even if I wanted to.
    Anyway, I've even met you and am still not coming by to say hi! tsk tsk on me. I luv your consistency, drive, energy, and mission. Not to mention creativity. And I agree about not spending time with the photogs too. And all that promoting of other stuff - who wants to see that? Or telling people how to do this or that? geez. You're my kinda bloggess.
    Yours truly,

  17. Just popping by to say I read everyday (4-5 years now) but through Feedly, so I don't show up in anyone's stats. I almost never comment anywhere, but I'm out here.

  18. I love your blog! I discovered YouTube shortly after I discovered you and stopped following your blog for a minute. (Don't know why). Big Mistake. Your blog is the bomb! Please do not stop posting. Your style is everything and you come across as real and interesting. (I even told my husband about you and I rarely discuss bloggers with him). Keep the posts coming please, and thank you!

  19. Briefly: What SHE (plural) said! And this: You're not connected with a myriad of technology? You don't drive? How EVER did you manage to have a life withOUT all of that? (I hope you know I'm ONLY KIDDING!). Girlfriend, you are an inspiration on SO many levels!

  20. Same here as a lot of the others. Don't have my own blog and am very "unofficial", but I really enjoy seeing your outfits and have gotten many ideas from them for myself. You are fun and inspiring, and I hope you keep enjoying and blogging for a good, long while!

  21. Look at all the comments you got on this post! Maybe all you need to do is periodically mention that you are getting fewer and fewer comments?

    I seem to have lost a bunch of people recently too, and the number of comments I get varies from month to month, but I too have been blogging since 2009, and I feel lucky to still be posting and have people reading my posts. I admire your dedication to daily posting, and I'm sorry I don't comment on every one, but I always look at all your outfits.

  22. I love those shoes and I love your blog. I don't have a blog for you to follow, so no worries about not commenting on my blog. I do post on yours every so often, but I read every post your write. I have learned to think differently about clothing by reading your blog. I shop differently as well. I hope that you continue to post for a long, long time.

  23. I've never understood the big deal about blog followers. I read a number of blogs regularly, yours included, but I pick and choose according to my mood, not some imposed list of posts I have to wade through. I comment less than I used to, I think because I'm reading more blogs, Facebook posts etc. and how often can you say "I love your (shoes, sweater, hair)" pick one, without it getting boring. But believe me you are a breath of fresh air in blogland. No pushing any high end clothing stores or trying to pedal your book. Just your very creative personal style, plus a cat, which makes all the difference of course!

  24. Hi Sheila,

    I look forward to reading your blog every day that an email comes into my inbox. I appreciate your style and - had I the inclination - would likely try to purchase clothing and put together outfits much like yours. I also greatly admire your writing for its honesty, humor and peek into how clothing plays into your aily life. Finally, if I ever get over my dislike of wearing clothes that aren't new or hand-me-downs from people I know (the crucial factor here) I would follow your tips for purchasing used clothing.

    I have been reading your blog since May of this year or thereabouts, and have often wondered what it is you do for a living - where do you work. I figure you do not want to mention your employer but am curious to know what field your office works with. You make parts of it sound fun, but I have finally concluded it is fun because of you!

    Thank you for sharing and inspiring.

    Cheers, Laurie (the one who started reading your blog when I had a concussion.)

  25. I love your blog, and even though I don't comment very often (due to time constraints) I find it very entertaining. I also don't do Twitter, Facebook and the like. I just recently got an iphone 6s and only because my job required it and they pay for it. Otherwise, I am oldschool all the wya.

  26. I never comment, but I am always reading and following along. Please continue to do what you do however you feel like doing it!

  27. Hi Sheila, another long time lurker here. I'm of the same vintage as you and also don't have an interest in or need for an Internet presence. I read several blogs on a daily basis but don't even know how to follow a blog. If it's important to the bloggers I like I'd do it but they would have to tell me how. I do sometimes comment on blogs but that's usually when bloggers or their commenter ask a question to which I have an answer. A sort of "don't speak until spoken to" approach. A lot of comments on other blogs actually fill me with dispair as they can be so rude and unkind. I like that your followers are more positive. Whilst I'm here...I particularly look forward to the big ass weekend round ups because I like the lifestyle aspect as well as the fashion. I love the cat features because that's what the internet is for. I would like to know more about your weight watching. Thank you!

  28. Wow! You sounded the siren and the masses appear! Obviously you have many more readers than you inferred from comments. I've learned that lesson, too.

    People who are older remember life before social media, before the Internet and (me) even before computers so we selectively adopt new technology based on personal preference. I accept yours. Mine is different but most of my contemporaries are closer to your attitude. Then again, I refuse to get a smartphone and have an old cellphone only because public payphones became extinct. I wonder how you get around without driver's license (which you people spell funny).

  29. Another lurker here! I love your blog because it comes in my email...no other complicated secret societies to pledge allegiance to. And, I need your style in my life. You silence that mother's voice in my head..."what will the neighbors think!".....and show me the way to be an individual. Go Sheila and please, take me along for the ride via posts!!!

  30. Hi Shiela

    I meant to comment yesterday but with one thing and another..... getting your blog this morning reminded me that I had to add my piece. I subscribe to a number of fashion blogs (women >40) and I enjoy yours the most. Being a somewhat currently suppressed creative - working in a construction company, but trained as a sculptor - Im inspired by your outfits, your creativity in putting them together, and the hunt for fresh ways to express yourself. Bascially it's inspiring me to get to my own local thrift shops and start being a little more 'wild' myself. I'm based in Sydney, Australia, but seeing all the amazing vintage and consignment clothes you come across - and the prices - is making me seriously consider a thrift-shopping trip to canada :-). All the best, cheers

  31. Oh my dear friend, reading all of these comments makes me utterly teary! What a tribute made by an exemplary and international audience!

    Pulling myself together.....one sec.....

    She, I go to your blog as much to see what you're wearing as to feel a part of your scene/life/plans.

    I LOVE your blog. It is a strong connection for me to creativity, zip, zap, ideas, boom, bang....it brings so much together for me in one sweet place.

    I'm so pleased that you will continue, happily into the future knowing how much we all love your contribution to our own routines.

    Love from Caro

  32. Blog commenting is way down everywhere - I've noticed it in the blogs I read, and other bloggers have talked about it. I think it's really shifted to Facebook, Twitter, and particularly Instagram. I don't know why - quicker, maybe, if people are already logged in on those sites and looking at things. Blogs themselves are maybe starting to disappear, as the bloggers spend more time on other sites and find it easier to throw a quick photo on Instagram than write a whole post. Personally I like big old blog posts, but then I wouldn't be here if that weren't true. :)

  33. I read your blog every single day. It's part of my daily ritual - coffee and Sheila! And if I'm having a rough night and can't sleep, I read your archives. So I'm still here! I just don't blog anymore, is all.

    Scary Closet

  34. I'm still here (and still not commenting)... I've been reading your blog for years and it's usually the first one I check. I miserably failed at blogging myself and moved on mostly to Instagram where you can see my homezoo and an occasional outfit (username yeoldesocks). I have a Facebook account but use it mostly to read other people's stuff (i.e. Look at cat pictures). So keep on blogging, we love you!

  35. Sheila, I've been following, and enjoying, your blog for about 5 years now. I also have zero online presence. I don't subscribe to any blogs, but have a list of bookmarked ones that I read every Friday. Over the past year I whittled that list from about 50 blogs to 15; yours "made the cut", so to speak. I have to idea how I ever found your blog in the first place.

    As others have said, your blog is completely authentic. I love the glimpses into your life as well as your wardrobe. I also love that your posts follow a format.

    All this to say, thank you. Your blogging is time consuming and we, your readers, get to reap the benefit. I'll keep reading as long as you keep posting.

  36. Aha, now I know. As you have experienced, I visit your blog regularly. Ow. But I cannot do that every day. I am all over the internet, Disqus, Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and I faithfully follow my bloglist. I cannot understand how you maintain a blog EVERY DAY. I did that the first month I started and I was a wreck by the end of the month. Then I tried 3 times a week and 2 times a week. Now I am down to once a week. For two years now. But I do try and make stories and good photos. Now that you have raised the subject..I wonder if that is necessary. As I love your blog pictures just as much. It doesn't bother me at all that they are not fancy magazine material. I can still see how you created the outfit. And the stories you write are highly entertaining. I would like you to send me a little message once. Just to make it a two way street.
    Keep up the good work Sheila. And your outfit is beautiful. The shoes ... oh those shoes... so nice.

  37. Haha Sheila, that was quite a response wasn't it? I started my blog after seeing a few inspiring blogs and yours was one of them (Highland Fashionista and Not Dressed as Lamb was the other). I wanted to place myself somewhere between all of you very individual, stylish ladies, but also felt I wanted to blog for myself. The commenting came after a while of blogging with no response. I gradually worked out what to do and realised how we all appreciate a bit of feedback on our efforts. You clearly have a band of loyal followers, and that's because you are worth following. I do hope you keep going. I love seeing what's the latest with you x


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