Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Tawny, Toffee and Disco Pants

I was supposed to clean out one of the fridges at work today, but I decided to do it tomorrow. 
No way was I doing it in acetate pants! Especially shiny disco pants!

  • Sweater - H&M, thrifted; purchased here for $6.00
  • Pants - Peter Nygard, vintage 70s; first worn here in October 2015 with equestrian things
  • Shoes - Ralph Lauren; last seen here in December 2015 with a reverse mullet skirt

I love the novelty sleeves on this sweater, but the shape does not flatter me - where are my boobs??
I need a fitted top with these drapey pants - I might wear the sweater one more time (just to get my cost-per-wear down to $3.00), but it's not staying much longer in my closet. Love the colour, cool sleeves, bad shape.

I adore the pants, though. Shiny 70s disco pants for the win! And they are down to $3.75 per wear. Not bad!

The stuff:
These shoes are rather high, but my feet feel pretty good.

  • Silk scarf - Vera, vintage 70s, thrifted
  • Ear balls - Dior
  • Ring - some cheap shop in the 90s

My table is out of commission while the cleaner is here (all the junk from the bathroom is piled on it), so my items are artfully arranged on the floor near one of Vizzini's scratching posts. Classy!


  1. Hi Sheila, thanks for dropping by and leaving some lovely comments. I love these shiny disco pants, and the toffee colour makes them seem deliciously edible! I agree about the sweater - its maybe just too big for you. I like the sleeves and can see why I would want to try it on too though. It's great that you manage to keep a cost per wear tally on everything.
    Anna x

  2. Shame about the fit of that knit not making you feel great as I agree the sleeve details is awesome! :)

    Lovely monochrome outfit too.

  3. You need another place for your bathroom stuff when the cleaner comes! Vizzini might discover your jewels near his post and snaffle one!
    I love those sleeves, but understand the dilemma with the fit. The caramel is an unexpectedly interesting mix with your purple hair.
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  4. Confession: I love shiny disco-pants. I'd marry them if it was legal.

  5. Funky pants! and you have such elegant legs, such dainty ankles (me envious :)

  6. Oh I actually like the sweater and was going to suggest you wear it with something less loose.
    I think the trousers are less flattering than the sweater, but I do love the color scheme here.
    PS . I hate cleaning fridges.

  7. What a shame the sweater has to go. As I agree with you, it is a beautiful colour with great sleeves. Different bra perhaps? I love the trousers and the pumps are exactly right for them. Note to self: must buy more pointy shoes.


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