Thursday, June 25, 2015

Think Pink (and Purple)

I had to satisfy the HR ladies today by wearing some colour for them. 
This was my next outfit up, so this is what they got. I wore the jacket as outerwear, taking it on and off and buttoning/unbuttoning throughout the day. I also rolled the sleeves up further in the morning and left them that way.

  • Jacket - CABi, consignment; purchased here for $19.99
  • Top - Anne Klein, thrifted; last seen here in April with floral and dottiness
  • Skirt - Club Monaco, thrifted; last worn here in April to see Whitehorse
  • Shoes - Pearl Hart Bellevues, Fluevog; last seen here in December 2014 with mustard and a Grand Plaid

Verdict on the jacket: I like it! I wish it had pockets, so it won't last in my closet forever, but it fulfills a good spring/summer function, which is to keep the sun off me and add a light cover to outfits.
I love this rich blue top - the draping is excellent in the boobular region.
"No, I won't be in your picture!"
The skirt is a favourite - I love the cracked glass/ice pattern and the navy blue wide stripe down each side (a bit hard to see in the pictures).

The stuff:
I'm quite surprised that it's been six months since I wore these shoes! They were a little warm for my WW meeting (which is non-air conditioned), but fine in the office.

Plain bling:
I wear fewer accessories in the summer.

  • Stone earrings - Le Chateau
  • Lapis lazuli ring/Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes

Wine and pasta call to me! I must run!


  1. I really like pink and blue together, and purple and blue together, but I'm ashamed to say I never thought of wearing the three together before! I'm going to have to see if I can find some nice pieces to recreate this colour combo with! I used to have a purple bag but I sold it (and boy am I regretting it lately!).

  2. I think CABi makes really nice basics - and the color makes this one even better. You look terrific - and have a cheery weekend. xo

  3. That skirt is amazing. I love the cracked-print Effect too.

  4. The print on this skirt is unusual and artistic - and I love how you're wearing it with that drape purple top.


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