Friday, June 26, 2015

Casual Friday: Team China and Team Canada

With the FIFA Women's World Cup* being hosted in Canada and the finals in just-across-the-pond Vancouver, our football/soccer fans at work are in a friendly pool sponsored by our social committee. *linking 'cause I love women in sport
Yes, of course, I'm the organizer. Today was "Wear Your Team Colours" day.

  • Top - Le Chateau, consignment; last worn here (2nd outfit) in April with white stencil and these same shoes
  • Skirt - Smoking Lily, thrifted; last seen here while carousing around town for L's birthday
  • Shoes - Miz Mooz, consignment; last worn here in May with fresh purple hair

I figured most people at work would be cheering for Team Canada, but I want Team China to take out Team USA. It's nothing personal (really!), but if the US is knocked out, it will make the pool more exciting, since currently I have a five-way tie. Totally selfish of me!
However, despite not dressed for the home team, most of my outfit is actually made in Canada. The top is made in Canada and the skirt is made in Victoria. And everything except for the necklace and bracelet is second-hand!

The stuff:
Love these shoes.

Theme bling:
My grandma's necklace is so sweet - I always get comments on it when I wear it.

  • Necklace - Grandma J's, vintage 60s
  • Cuff - Mom's, vintage 60s
  • Bangle - thrifted
  • Earrings - thrifted

It's a quiet weekend for me ahead, and the weather is looking amazing. It might go up to 25 degrees! I know some of you live in hotter climes - but we do have high humidity too (77% right now), so it feels hotter. Ulty is going to be a challenge!

Have an awesome weekend, my friends!


  1. That skirt certainly is dreamy! I sadly left behind a purse that looked very much like traditional Korean dress. It was GORGEOUS, but I'm not a bag person.

  2. Gorgeous Asian look, Sheila. And rly sry to say but I was cheering Team USA last night.

    I'm tracking the Vancouver weather already in advance of the Blogger Meet, and I rely on your reports as well. Have a super weekend of fun and style, xox.

  3. What a fabulous outfit. Being an Aussie of course I'm supporting the Matilda's. They have already done us very proud knocking off the Brazilians. Japan are next! I host a fashion link up every week and would love you to stop by and add a link if you get a chance :)

  4. Love this outfit!
    I haven't seen so many people wearing flags, mostly of the US and Canada, since the Olympics. Seriously, it's a bit intense. I had to check online to see what was going on. It's weird they don't have much advertising downtown to show off that Vancouver is hosting this huge event.
    There's a big Fluevog sale I dropped by today, up to 60% off. I thought of you of course! No, I didn't buy anything. :(

  5. Very, ver pretty - of now I am convinced you can let go of the other top. You've got another one ! with sleeves : ) which by the way is radiant.


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