Monday, June 29, 2015

Oodles of Colour! And L and Vizzini are The Cuteness

Oh, good golly, I need another weekend! It's so hot! 
Sweater - check. Wool skirt - check. Silly woman - check!

  • Cardigan - Gap, thrifted; last worn here in May over strapless
  • Top - Le Chateau, thrifted; last seen here way back in May 2014 with my dearly departed shoes
  • Skirt - J. Michael, vintage 80s, thrifted; last worn here in February with a galaxy of stars
  • Shoes - Fiel; last seen here in May with Danger Pants
I did love all this colour today, though! I regret nothing!

I guess since I haven't worn this top in well over a year, I should just get it out of my closet. But, but, but, says my Inner Crow (which loves all the shiny things). I don't have to get rid of things just because I don't wear them. I know that. I'm a big girl and I decide what stays and what does not.
But! The blouse can only be worn with someone over it, which is super limiting. I don't like wearing blazers in summer and I only barely tolerated this cardigan today. If I wasn't all bra-strap-o-rama, I would have taken it off.

The stuff:
Love these shoes - they are heavenly to wear. Must wear them more.

Gold bling:
The snake-chain was awesome - it worked perfectly with my all-the-time chain bracelet that I wear.

  • Belt - vintage 60s, Mom's
  • Bracelet - Ellandemm, thrifted
  • Earrings - thrifted

Bonus: Cat pictures!
"Hmmm...what is on this table that I can destroy?"
Vizzini hopped up on L's lap while I was blogging last night. I love this picture of them.
"I like the man."
Nothing like a little bromance between a man and his cat.


  1. Oh, I see what the issue is with that top. Hmmm. I usually don't get around to wearing tops that need special bras, but aren't convertible-to-halter straps bras pretty common? I think I even have one...somewhere....the top is awesome on you in any case. :-)

  2. Oh I love a bromance too. I tell Sandy he's stolen all the cats, but I don't really mind, it's adorable. You look fab and full of life!

  3. I love all the colour too, and I think the decision to keep or get rid of an item of clothing is about more than how frequently you wear it.
    Ahhh, your lovely boys look good together! xxx

  4. IrishRedRose - yes, and I have one of those, but it's not the right size. I'm bigger in the boobular region than I look (34DD) and it's really hard to find a strapless that fits and that I can wear all day. For the number of tops/dresses where I need a specialty bra (very few), it's not worth it for me to spend $$ on one just for this top.

  5. I was going to ask why you could not wear the top without a cardi or blazer - but I see its a bra issue.
    If it was me I would let it go. The strapless bras are an issue I have a hard time dealing with too.
    I adore the shoes!

  6. :-) 34-36DD myself so I get it, lol. When I was 16 or so I was (predictably) a bit smaller and one time tried to wear a tube top--yanno, 'twas the late 70's, they were all the rage. Well haha. The saggy horror! The terror of a "wardrobe malfunction"! What a nervous day that was. And strapless bras are so uncomfy... yarp, not worth it.


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