Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Sweater? What Was I Thinking?

It is getting hotter out - it's supposed to get up to 30 degrees this weekend (that's around 92F). But L said it was supposed to rain today, so I went with a sweater.
It sprinkled. I was rather warm walking home (and I had my jean jacket on as well!). I have a cami on under this as well. I was glowing!

  • Sweater - Kenneth Cole, consignment; last seen here (3rd outfit) in January for chillin' at home
  • Skirt - Chloe, consignment; first worn here in April with more cream
  • Shoes - Modern Vintage, thrifted; last seen here on Monday!

I know, what a lazy sot I am, wearing the same shoes twice in one week. I had actually planned a pair of ankle boots with this outfit, so I stand by my decision.
This skirt has the most wonderful movement. A bunch of our HR people were in the office today, and they all wanted to know where my colour was! I had to promise them to wear pink tomorrow. I will, but it won't be a sweater, that's for sure!

The stuff:
I honestly had forgotten that I just wore these on Monday. Whoops. It's not like I don't have other pairs of gold shoes, either.

First, I forgot to photograph the ring; then I put the belt away. Ah, well, you get it, right?

  • Belt - thrifted
  • Necklace - Nygard
  • Cuff - consignment
  • Ring - Twang & Pearl

And now for dinner - burgers and fresh corn on the cob!


  1. seemed really humid here today. We did get those sprinkles of rain too, but not really much to speak of. Absolutely no sweater for the next several days Sheila...temps are arisin'.

    Adorned, metallic shoes twice in a week...they're so fabulously feminine!

  2. Today was weird - cool, sprinkly, warm, humid, hot. I could see how a sweater might seem to fit. I'm bracing for the heat. I like this outfit. Without colour I can see how people might be confused but you've got to have room for variety too. Keep them guessing.

  3. At least you looked stylish, if a little warm for the weather! :)

    I hate days like that where you have a perfectly good outfit but the weather isn't what you expected. My problem is that I usually underestimate how cold it is....but it doesn't often get cold here so I always seem unprepared, ha!

  4. This looks nice.
    The weather seems to be cuckoo everywhere.
    Here its supposed to be rainy season and its been hot, hot hitting 40-
    Its so hot you just want to lay on the cold floor tile...

  5. No matter the time of the year, I can never part ways with knits either - especially my beloved cardigans. If they're light enough, they're totally fine for summer and add such a lovely note of elegance to any look.

    Speaking of such things, this outfit is seriously chic and very, very pretty. I adore the the depth of that tealy-pine green and how beautifully it marries with beige. Wonderful styling!

    ♥ Jessica


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