Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Conservative Square in Blue

Another late night. Man, I need some vacation time, but don't have any scheduled until early June. What was I thinking?
One of my coworkers said she thought my style was veering towards more conservative. Eh, I don't see that, but I know that my whackadoo outfits are more seldom (I save 'em for the weekend and parties!).

  • Tux shirt - no label, thrifted; purchased here for $6.00
  • Skirt - Melanie Lyne, consignment; last seen here in February with peach and copper
  • Shoes - Land's End, thrifted; last worn here a couple of weeks ago with bright orange for Whitehorse

The skirt sits low-ish on my hips, versus at my actual waistline. I was fidgeting with the skirt at the waistband all day. This is why bodysuit shirts (remember those??) were so popular in the 90s when ultra-low waists were all the rage. Heh, bodysuits. They did have their use, but they were a pain to go to the bathroom in.
This was the shirt's first wear - I liked it, but it's a bit big on me. I think it'll be better with something that snugs it in at the waist, or tied at my waist. This skirt works better with a loose, untucked shirt. Things to try to remember for next time.

The stuff:
I was so happy to be wearing these lovely blue shoe today. My feet were very thankful.

I think I might have to pull out some of my uber-high heels and go down to the consignment shop...many of those are Fluevogs. Although I don't want to get rid of them, there is no point in hanging onto shoes I just don't wear anymore. Part of the reason I started this blog was to record all the cool things I have - I can always visit them here!

Blue bling:
All those rings were a nuisance when I was carrying heavy reams of paper to the other office today, but they look so badass! I always like a little badass in my outfits.

Conservative? Moi? Never! I promise some craziness tomorrow!


  1. You're definitely not conservative when it comes to your wardrobe :). I'm digging the soft blues.

  2. I like this - its just a different version of you.
    Maybe in a parallel universe ?
    Like you I think that without it being the main reason, I have begun to document all I have/had and now when i get rid of an item am happy yo see how it was worn and why its gone.

  3. Never conservative. Being defined by a certain look, including whackadoo, is constraining so it's good to mix it up, at least that's my take on it. We shall not be defined! I love this look.

  4. I love Fluevogs, but I think my sister wears them more than me, as I gave her many of my pairs. Your blue loafers are gorgeous. :) /Madison
    Luxe Accessories

  5. Love this look, Shelia...I pinned it. That skirt is awesome.

  6. I love a tux blouse any day - but I know what you mean about re-adjusting. I like to set it and forget it! Great, look and fab loafers. xox

  7. Your belt is lovely!

    I love how you mix it up with the styles you wear. Some are more conservative than others, but you've got a good mix going on.

  8. Maybe it's the more neutral colour palette which had your colleague thinking this is a conservative look for you. I can see that, but hey, you look smart and chic and still Sheila! xxx

  9. Love that shade of periwinkle blue for your shoes and belt.

  10. I certainly don't think of you as conservative, I think of you more as a trailblazer for want of a better word. Someone who does their own thing and has their own innate sense of style separate from trends.

    On the outfit side, even if those pieces didn't work well together they are both pretty. Hopefully the odd placement of the skirt you felt is something you can work around going forward as it is such a nice print.

  11. Conservative, lol, oh no. You're artistic and whimsical. And sometimes quite elegant, actually.

    I don't wear my high heels much either anymore. I can do up to 3" but after that, sayonara. I was so annoyed that Poetic License's new shorter-heeled version of a cute laceup heeled oxford I own, used to wear, and still loooove is, alas, much more cheaply made. Comparing the two was sad, so I sent back the newbies with a sigh and resolved to wear the much higher old ones out to dinner sometime.

    I am just loony enough that I recently had the thought, "hmmm, if I got an office job...or maybe a retail boutique... I could wear all my heels again!"


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