Sunday, April 5, 2015

Bigass Easter Weekend Wrap-Up: Some Outfits and a Mondo Shop

It's been a fun-filled weekend - I wish I had tomorrow off, but ah, well. 

Late last week, we put out an impromptu call to our friends to join us at the Fernwood Inn for an afternoon of carousing (one of our favourite pastimes). 
Twelve people showed up! It was a gloomy cold day, so I look spring-ier than it felt outside.

  • Dress - handmade, thrifted; last seen here in July 2014 with a pair of Shoes My Husband Hates
  • Shoes - Fiel; purchased back here in January for $60 new (regular $250)

This dress gets a wearing because it's double-knit 70s polyester and is warm.
 I was so glad I decided to keep my microfishnet nylons on - it's still way too cold for bare legs!
Baring my vintage slip (extra warmth).

It's leather weather!
Bundled up for rain, wind and cold.

The stuff:
We walked both ways to and from the pub. These shoes took a bit of getting used to - I'll need to loosen the ankle strap a bit to get the right comfort zone - but they were pretty good. I should have them just right by warm weather time.

Excessive bling:
Because why not?

  • Belt - Plum
  • Fabric rose - Le Chateau
  • Orange leather cuff - thrifted
  • Red leather cuff - Rimanchik
  • Earrings - made in Vancouver
  • Spinner ring - Twang & Pearl
  • Crystal ring - Uffizi Gallery gift shop
  • Coral ring - gift from Cindy
  • Shield ring - Nine West

L and I spent a quiet evening playing games after our afternoon of good times - more good times! On Saturday morning, we met up with Nick for brunch.
I really needed some "me" time, so I shopped all afternoon afterwards.

  • Sweater - Banana Republic; last worn here (2nd outfit) with suede for a shopping expedition in January
  • Pleated leather skirt - no tags, consignment; last seen here in January with mustard
  • Cowboy boots - 1883 Lucchesse, consignment; last worn here (2nd outfit) in March with grey lace

 Cold again, so tights were most definitely needed. This was a good outfit for trying things on.
I wore my red leather coat over this, but forgot to take a picture.

The stuff:
Gawd, I love these boots so much. I could wear them every day.

Simple bling:
I'm a pendulum on earrings: studs, then big danglies!

  • Ring - consignment
  • Earrings - thrifted

My first stop was at the St. Vincent de Paul. I was on a mission for tops and layering pieces. I'm also finding that there's been nearly a 100% shift in colours and tones. I am craving brights, but not exactly the same brights I've always done. I want REALLY bright brights.

Like this aqua cardigan.
It's by Reitmans (a Canadian mall store) but the fit and cut is good. It was $3.00.

This top is by Tahari (a higher-end department store brand), and the cut and all the colours feel very modern to me.
Purple, black, brown, red, grey - I can work with all of those! It was $4.00.

I'm trying to get rid of t-shirt material tops and switch to either thin knits or blouses. Because I sweat a lot, washable is a must. I don't mind good quality polyester in my knits/blouses because it's easier to care for. In the wash you go!

I found this bright tomato orange-red top on the cheap rack for $1.50.
It's a thin knit and is by Nine West.

I scored with this gorgeous no-label blue blazer. I have removed lots of labels in my time, so no judgment if you do too! Sometimes they scratch! 
This still has its "100% virgin wool" label inside, and I recognize the stylized "B" on the single button.
That's Braemar, for sure. I think this blazer is from the 80s - it has the shoulder pads! However, it's a good cut on me...and how often do you find a blue blazer? Especially a wool one for $5.00? I plan to rock this.

From the SVdP, I meandered over to the WIN Warehouse store. I have to replace all of my white tops every spring/summer, as I stain them quite badly. 

This label-less cotton shirt has great tux detailing down the front.
"Janelle Monae would be proud," said L. 
This is one of those times when I'm glad someone cut off the label - this is a really good quality shirt, but because of the lack of brand, it was in with the "regular" clothes, so only $6.00. 

I am tired of black and brown blazers. It's the season of brights! Since I ruined my last red blazer when I fell off the bus (the blood didn't come out of the cuffs), I've been looking for a replacement. 

I like the slightly boxy influence of the 80s, but I need a shape that "locks and loads" my boobular region. Fit is important, so I've been fussy.  
I totally lucked out on this Harve Benard blazer. It's beautifully made and fits perfectly. It's also 100% polyester and was made in China, so I think it's actually a modern piece.

Only $8.50 (this is what you get for not being a recognizable brand, sorry Harve Benard).
And I don't know if you can see it in the above picture, but "the stitch" was still in it! That stitch, the big X of thread that holds slits closed in garments until the consumer gets home and removes them. Yes! Remove those stitches! This blazer was possibly never worn - the back slit was still on (oh the shame).

I really liked the colour of this Gap cardigan.
It's a really vivid bright orange, not quite neon, but pretty bright.

I checked the tags - it's from Summer 2010.
And only $6.00.

Although I already have a bright blue 80s "square" top (this one), it's silk, and due to the aforementioned sweating, I have to be cautious about wearing it underneath cardigans or blazers, 'cause then it gets all pitsy. This one is polyester - it can go in the wash. It's also more of a cobalt blue, so not exactly the same!
This was only $5.50. Again, its previous owner removed the tags from it.

I'm a sucker for little evening pieces. I usually resist them, but these two just called to me. First, a little change purse. 
If you are looking at this on a computer monitor vs. phone, that's close to actual size
Lovely, immaculate beadwork.
A metal zip and the "Empire Made" label (meaning made in somewhere in the British Empire) points to the 1950s. Cool! $8.50 for an item 60+ years old.

Right beside it was this fabulous beaded silk evening clutch.
Most of the beading is intact, except for along the bottom, where you would hold it. Makes sense to me.

It was only $6.50.
"As is" means the few missing beads
It's just as beautifully made as the change purse. It's made in Japan, so also probably from the 1950s.

Back here in August 2014, I bought a single gold-rimmed "pineapple" mini wine glass for $2.95.
And here are its 3 mates! They were only $1.95 each, so of course, I had to have them. Now I have a set! They are by the Indiana Glass Company, and are from the 70s.

After my lovely haul from WIN I decided to go further into town, to Flavour Upstairs. Nothing really worked for me this time, but I found this amazing little suede purse for $14.99.
It's between olive and emerald, and is so soft. I love the mod 60s look of it, although it's likely from the 80s.

I strolled over to Verve, but nothing rang my bell there (plus it's really expensive consignment), but I did pop into Duchess and Duke consignment shop (FB here, linking 'cause I love; hi, Kasha!), and I'm so glad I did, because I found some awesome stuff.
Another sweet white shirt (washable, fits good). This one's by LL Bean, and was $16.00 but marked down to $8.00.

I also spotted this off-white asymmetrical polyester blouse.
Look at the shoulders - I like the way this drapes. It's by Bordeaux Los Angeles, and was made in the US - $18.00 is good. It appears to be a brand carried in Anthropologie, so it probably cost a lot more than that new.

With all my white and off-white goals accomplished, I went back to colour. How about strawberry ice cream pink cashmere at 50% off? It says "Harrod's Cashmere Tee" on the store's tag, but as you can see, the main label's been removed. I choose to believe it's from Harrod's!
Only $14.00, so yay! It will probably only last a year before the moths get it, but for $14.00, I'm okay with that. Officer Vizzini has been lax on the moth front lately...

This black wool blend dress has no label either, and was also on the half-price rack.
I like the slightly shapeless silhouette of it. The content tag is missing, but I can tell by the feel that it's got some wool it. I admit it, I was also lured in by the sequins.
Caw! Shiny! It was $12.00.

Did I mention I'm having a coloured blazer moment? Yes, I am.
Vivid deep mustard yellow - it's not orange - and made in Canada! Thank you, Le Chateau. It looks like the same season as my equestrian blouse (same colours). This has a really cool neckline and fits me perfectly. For $24.00, it came home with me.

I splurged a bit on this purple leather Danier jacket.
It's such a great colour and fills a gap for the blue/purple colourway in my outerwear. This is the sort of justifying trouble I can get myself in when I shop... heh.

But look at the lining!
Lime and magenta! And really, at $58.00 this was cheaper than my lime green leather jacket, right? 

I was really entranced by this cherry red vintage 70s handmade gown. It looks like nothing on the hanger, so I put in on, "bare bones" to model it. 
It's a thick silk tweed, fully lined and everything is snap-fastener, hook-and-eye inside, with a small size zip and long wrap-around attached belt, which Vizzini wanted to play with.

Back view:
"Where did my fun belt-toy go?"
The dress was $38.00, which is a good price for a fancy dress. Not sure where I'll wear this, but I'm looking forward to it!

I spent an hour making about 20 outfits from all the new and new-to-me spring-summer clothes I've acquired lately. I'm trying out the trick of putting all your hangers backwards (then you put them back the other way once you've worn an item) to see what I actually wear. My goal is to wear every item in the closet this season, and weed through some of it. My closet feels crowded!

I had to keep kicking Vizzini out. He wants to eat things in there.
"I only want to chew on SOME of your shoes, not ALL of them."
 This is his outraged "I want to murder you" face.
"I am a seething ball of fury!"
Today, we went over to Mom's house for Easter lunch. She made excellent lasagna and we hunted for chocolate eggs with our two oldest nieces. Fun!

I always have to dress up - it's a holiday!
We shopped for groceries before going over. They get delivered later - it's a win-win.

  • Dress - Max & Co.; last worn here in March with trout shoes
  • Shoes - Prepare Guide, Fluevog; last worn here (2nd outfit) in August 2014 to Zeb's divorce party

 I liked how the aqua picked up the colour in the dress' pattern.
It's a mess of colour!

Of course, I had to wear my new-to-me leather jacket with it.
Poufy skirt!

The stuff:
I always miss these shoes over the fall/winter, and am so happy to have them back in rotation!

  • Belt - Nygard
  • Necklace - vintage fair

Hoping you had a fun long weekend - it's back to work for me tomorrow!


  1. Sheila, you dress so beautifully that I sometimes think you aren't real: you must be a fictional heroine. It will be a shock to see your actual self in Vancouver!

  2. oh man, what a haul. I think my favorite picks are the leather jacket and the white tank. Swoon!

    I'm going to be combing your blog for inspo. I've got a new job to dress for!

  3. The blue outfit is just so wonderful, and I looove the green dress with orange-ish shoes too! So many beautiful finds, Sheila! I'm with you on brights - also craving them so much at the moment. I just got myself a vibrant yellow skirt... I probably had a yellow item of such brightness last time when I was still in high school. Love the mustard, orange and aqua, you sure will rock them! xxx

  4. Whoa, what an armload of pretty in this post! Great outfits up top and so many excellent finds, love the sweaters and blazers in wonderful colours and cuts, and that green suede purse, sweet thing, and the beaded ones, and purple leather, Taharo tp (!) and your goblet-mates! Well, I just like everything! Especially killer-cat!

    And dear Braemar, where I got a blazer (purple) for my grad school interview / portfolio presentation, then my cat adopted the bag, I didn't have the heart to take it away from him, and so he slept on it for years.

  5. Shopping!
    I love your evening gown and I hope you soon have an occasion to wear it. And your "mess of colour," love that too.
    Blazers, blouses, and cute little cardis. Your thrift goddesses are keeping a good eye on you.

  6. Your Easter lunch outfit is my favourite - I love the colours!

    I'm interested to see how you will be wearing that yellow blazer too! :) I spotted a yellow blazer in my size for only $8 in the op-shop, and passed it again a week later after I had been thinking about it....but I figured it wouldn't get much wear so I didn't buy it. of course it was gone next time I passed. Should have snapped it up! I don't always have good luck thrifting, should take what I see when I see it!

    Good luck with your 'reversing hangers' wardrobe trick! I had a personal stylist come over and do a wardrobe detox with me - felt good to see so much leave and have so many options for what was left. And she recommends I buy more colour, less prints! I'm going to be getting even more inspiration from your colourful outfits! :)

  7. Wow! You really bought a ton of stuff! Good work Sheila!
    I love the beaded bags and that leather jacket...
    The Blogger Meet Up looks like fun but my DIL is expecting a baby, her third around that time so I might be needed here. I am sure that you will all have a fabulous time!

  8. I ADORE the first outfit - the green and orange are great with your hair (which looks very cool BTW), and the dress shape is flattering. My other favourite would be the blue one at the end with the beautiful new (to you) Danier jacket. Looks like you've got the basis of a good Spring/Summer wardrobe after your shopping day. I'm a "heavy perspirer" too, and don't buy white, or silk, for that reason because it just has to be trashed after a few wearings. I ruined a gorgeous 1930's satin gown because I didn't get it cleaned soon enough after wearing it :(

  9. The small vintage clutches were my favourite find ! Specially the one that reads "EMpire" I would have never known in was from England.
    Oh and the long fuchsia gown is fabulous!!!!

  10. Loving all the bright colours, Sheila! It won't be any surprise that the vintage pieces are my faves! That cerise maxi dress is a real beauty, wear it anywhere you like! xxx


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