Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Aqua and Orange - 'Fin Fan

I'm in what I think of as my "summer colours": orange and aqua. 
L is a huge Miami Dolphins fan - they're my second-favourite team after my beloved Carolina Panthers - and the 'Fins colours are orange and aqua.

  • Top - CABi, consignment; last worn here (2nd outfit) in July 2014
  • Top - Nine West, thrifted; purchased here earlier this month for $1.50
  • Skirt - vintage 80s, Danier, thrifted; purchased here for $10.88
  • Shoes - Poetic Licence; last seen here for Shoe Shine #5, and last worn here in May 2014 with - you guessed it - orange and aqua

L loves the Dolphins so much, we once threw a themed birthday party for him (check it out, here, in 2010) - I wore these same shoes!

The 2015 NFL schedule is being released today (and there was much rejoicing!), and L and I will be checking it carefully. We are looking to do a little sports tourism and hope to see at least one of our teams play this year. I could be coming to your neck of the woods!
I wasn't wholly in love with this outfit, and in checking when I last wore this flowy silk top and these sky-high shoes, I'm thinking they may need to go. The top is cool, but not the most flattering.

The little orange top and the aqua skirt were fine, although the skirt doesn't allow for much movement. I do like to take big strides!

The stuff:
I love the shoes so much, but that is a really HIGH heel for me these days. I seem to wear them once a year, which is not very much for taking up that space in my closet for half a year.

Plain ol' bling:
A quick pic before I dash off to my WW meeting!

  • Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Earrings - 5th anniversary gift from L

Think warm thoughts!


  1. I loove that kimono-y top! It must flutter too. Yeah, once a year for problematic shoes is cutting it thin in terms of closet real estate, despite how great they look. I'm due for a cull on that basis as well.

  2. Canadians throw a "u" in color? Huh. Didn't know that. Thought only Brits did it.

  3. Dear shy biker, it is actually only Americans, of all the English-speaking world, who leave the u out of colour, flavour, honour, harbour, labour, favour, and any others I may have forgotten 😀

  4. Dang, those shoes are SO you, though! I must admit I have a vintage orange purse and shoes which I reserve exclusively for SF Giants games. Which is literally once every year or two. I figure we're permitted a spot or two of cracked behavior along those lines, lol. I see what you mean about the top, though. It's cool but the top part's much prettier than the bottom and kimono styles can be hard to make outfits with....

  5. Yes, come to Florida! The Fins might be great this year -- we can always hope!
    Love your colors and your kimono, xox.

  6. Radostin is correct, Ally! Spelling reformists in the US around the 18th century attempted to standardize and "fix" spellings. That's why you have "colour", etc. and "center" vs. "centre", for example.

  7. Orange and turquoise look great together! Perhaps you could keep the shoes for nights out that don't involve much walking (taxi shoes!) xxx

  8. I love the fabric of the top, but the shape isn't the best one for any body type. I had the realization over the dress I wore today. Love the fabric and idea, but the cut isn't flattering on me.

    Love the shoes though. Still impressed you run around in those heels.

  9. Aqua and orange is a very pretty colour combination. Too bad about the shoes - they are lovely to look at but that is a major high heel. I have a couple of skirts I like but I take big strides as well, and when I wear them I feel as if I'm reduced to taking small, lady-like steps, which is not me ;)

  10. I like the top, but honestly I think I would let go too.
    Maybe if you wore it as a cover up for the beach or swimming pool ?


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