Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Horse's (Ram's) Mouth

Happy Chinese New Year! It is the year of the Ram - and I am a Ram! 
What does this mean? For sh*ts and giggles, you can read all about rams/sheep here.

  • Jacket - Tahari by Arthur S. Levine, thrifted; last seen here with purple sequins in December 2014
  • Blouse - Le Chateau, thrifted; purchased here for $4.50
  • Skirt - Hettermarks, via W&J Wilson, vintage 60s, thrifted (as part of a suit); last worn here in January with jumbled decades
  • Boots - Indigo by Clarks; last seen here a couple of weeks ago with w(h)ine

I managed anxiety all morning (sort of) until I left work at 1:30 for my periodontal appointment - time for more scaling, hurray! I have a huge amount of anxiety about the dentist, but once I'd had my happy pill and was frozen to the gills (10+ needles for freezing), all was good.
L picked me up and I've been asleep ever since. He's making us soup for dinner (I made the soup some time ago; he's heating it up).

Outfit? Oh yeah, it's got an equestrian vibe again due to that new blouse. I loved how this all looked, and actually wore it without the jacket when I started having an anxiety hot flash around noon (and then I froze).

The stuff:
I blearily admired these in the dentist chair while I tried to talk with a frozen face (don't try to say words with "m" in them - they don't work).

  • Bracelet - faux Gucci, homegrown vintage 80s, gift from Mom and Dad from Italy
  • Earrings - gold, 5th anniversary gift from L

Okay, now I'm going to go eat soup and watch TV. *waves*


  1. hope you recover from your dentist visit quickly! Soup sounds like a very wise choice for dinner, in case you are still a bit frozen, don't want to chew your tongue!

    I love the combination of the blouse and skirt together, really nice! :)

    I am an ox and baby T is a horse! I remember when I was younger reading a book that had all the Chinese signs in it and their compatibility, I can't remember half of it but I hope oxen and horses get along, haha! We will be celebrating the new year this weekend (baby T has Asian grandparents).

  2. What kind of soup? I'm intrigued by your cooking... especially since Scott will be getting his wisdom teeth out in a couple weeks and I'll need to play the role of good wife and provide him with liquid nourishment!

  3. Cara, it was a pumpkin lentil with chopped apples in it (the apples were soft from being cooked). Very yummy and hearty, with not a lot to chew.

  4. Love the warm tones and perfect fit of this outfit, Sheila!
    I don't take a lot of notice of signs and horoscopes, but my son is a sheep/ram too, and it seems quite appropriate that I am a dragon! Xxx

  5. That blouse has it all, Sheila! Sorry about your dental work - I totally agree that happy pills are required. Have a great weekend, xo.

  6. There is something very Gucci equestrian about this look, it reminds of a a magazine ad from them.
    Teeth… ouch, even though I am not afraid of the chair I am not a fan of visiting.


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