Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Forties Flashback

I'm feeling overwhelmed lately, like there are too many things, and I can't even conceive of how to deal with them all. Nothing major, just all the little things. I have to focus on one thing at a time until a bunch of things are done - then I feel better. Unfortunately, my job is all about juggling a million tasks at once. 
My scattered frame of mind is reflected in the pattern of this dress. Many colours, irregular shapes...the eye travels, the mind wanders.

  • Dress - Karina, via giveaway on Not Dead Yet Style; last seen here in December 2014 on the day I thrifted Dolce & Gabbana
  • Shoes - Nine West, thrifted; last worn here in January while having an "Agent Carter" crush

The shoes give me a 1940s vibe, as does the dress. My great-grandmother would probably approve of this outfit.
I liked the dress again, and liked the shoes again, but am overall not feeling my mojo lately. I'm sure it's a little hormonal, and I'll get my groove back soon, but it's not here right now.

The stuff:
Yes, those are shoes. I liked how the green obi worked with the turquoises and greens in the dress.

Vintage bling:
Mixed leafy shapes.

  • Obi - thrifted
  • Necklace - Lisner, vintage 60s, Grandma J's
  • Bracelet - Trifari, vintage 60s, vintage fair

How do you get yourself out of a blue mood?


  1. Sheila, I'm feeling the same, but mostly because I haven't had a good night's sleep in almost a week. I'm back to an office job (temporary) after a busy weekend, and it's so hard to adjust. But if I had that fabulous dress I might have a better chance of staying awake! I love the contrast of red and green and the big bright flowers. As for not being blue, if wine doesn't fix it then just wallow in it until it passes (and I hope it's soon).

  2. We all get blue at times. I try to get out of my head by walking in the woods, listening to music and losing myself in a good film. Hope you perk up soon.

  3. I've had the vague feeling lately that you were not feeling your mojo, although it wasn't particularly about what you've worn or said--but honestly, I've been feeling that way myself so I thought I was projecting! I hope we both feel better soon. Maybe it is the readiness to feel the glories of a new season?

  4. Hormonal and maybe seasonal? I feel like I've been much the same way. Even before my life decided to blow up on all sides. Normally I'm very good at juggling a million tasks, but lately I don't even WANT to shop, which is my go-to when I'm bored and unemployed.

    That said, I really like the dress. It's a bit different than a lot of the Karina dresses I see.

    As for how to get myself out of the mood? I take anything off my plate that I *CAN*, and make time to veg out, read, or do something relaxing. Getting reorganized helps. Mostly I try to take a mental step back and reassess and see how I can redistribute everything going on.

  5. Feeling as sorry for myself as possible, eating chocolate, reading, watching stupid TV, Mini-Wheats and store-bought pudding, they all help when I have the blues. I really, really love the colours in your dress. I hope you perk up soon.
    One little task at a time...

  6. I love this outfit. The shoes are insanely cool. So when did pretty shoes get uncomfortable? The 40's had it all figured out. A gal could stomp around and still look elegant and feminine.

  7. Sorry you're feeling blue Sheila. It could also be the time of year here on the Wet Coast. Yes, the flowers are budding but this grey can really get to a girl--trust me! I don't really have any brilliant advice other than to be gentle with yourself, take it easy if you feel the need to hibernate, and remember that the sun WILL return. xx

  8. I hope things calm down for you soon! relaxation and a few minutes to yourself is always nice to lift your mood, but not always possible if the problem is too much to do and too little time!

    is delegation a possibility? even passing off a little thing will get something off your plate and help you feel some achievement! :)

  9. Yes, this outfit definitely has a Forties vibe going on, I like it!
    As too the blues/mojo loss... well, it just sounds as though you are under pressure with too many things demanding time and energy. Being tired and overwhelmed isn't conducive to creativity and spark, I find. Ticking things off your To Do list one at a time, delegating/dropping tasks where you can, and making space for the stuff you like/need - that's my best advice. Hang on in there, Sheila, this too shall pass! xxx

  10. Sorry your mojo's gone off for a spell - treat yourself gently and squeeze a cat. You look fabulous, despite the missing mojo, BTW. Hope you're feeling more zesty very soon. xox

  11. I just want to hibernate until spring. (which can be the end of March out here) Sleep on a couch under two wool blankets with some cats to provide warmth and comfort.

  12. Literally feeling the same. You look great, as usual.

  13. Feeling the same here, in part because winter only stayed a month here and I'm scared of more horrid drought. I wish I could send you the sunshine and you could send the rain! :-) What's been helping me is getting better sleep (so keeping bedtime consistent, taking my Melatonin, etc.) and planning fun things to do more aggressively than usual. Stuff I've been "meaning" to do for ages and keep spacing out or putting off. That plus nature--like Shybiker said, a walk in the woods, a minihike up the hill back of town where you can see all the way to the Golden Gate, that kind of thing. I hope you feel better soon!!!

  14. OH and meant to add-that dress is AMAZING on you, and the shoes too! 1940s shapes and styles are super flattering on you and those colors, likewise! The whole outfit is just smashing.

  15. I am sorry to hear that you have many things to juggle - feeling overwhelmed is normal. I know I sometimes I just want to run the other way, but things will fall into place and while they do.. I think this dress fits you beautifully.


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