Monday, February 2, 2015

Literary Things and Blue and Brown

Another week of long days is in store for me. *sigh*
But if I'm going to be working long hours, at least I know I'm dressed well!

  • Sweater - Club Monaco, thrifted; last seen here in October 2014 while making like a leaf
  • Skirt - Melanie Lyne, consignment; purchased here for $28.98
  • Boots - Gold Button; last seen here in November 2014 with navy and brown

I love this skirt on - it fits like a glove and I feel very sleek and chic in it. The slit is a little small for me (I like to take big strides!) but livable.
I had a lot of work to do today, so I needed an outfit I didn't have to think too hard about.

The stuff:
I like these boots, but don't love them. They tick all the boxes: colour, shape, detail, but I don't know, I just feel a little "meh" about them.

Shiny crow bling:

  • Cuff - Jezebel Charms, gift from L
  • Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Blue clip-on - vintage fair
  • Stud - local
Although I haven't worn a hat in a while, I'm linking this post (with my headscarf!) up to Judith's "Hat Attack!" over at Style Crone - go there!

I've been really trying to go to bed earlier and read more. I have a big backlog of books on my nightstand (at least 20), and I want to get through them.

I just finished this one late last night.
In the long career of Stephen King, I would put "Mr. Mercedes" in the bottom half. Not his greatest, for sure (I could recommend 20 others that are better), but not his worst. I was indifferent to the characters and annoyed that he killed off the only female character that I liked. As is typical for King, the ending is weak.

So, moving on! This is a Book Club selection - Elaine's choice.
I haven't read any of Haruki Murakami's books before (I've actually never heard of him!), but my friend Cat (and fellow Book Clubber) is a big fan, so I'm excited to dig into it!

What are you reading?


  1. What a pretty skirt. I just realized that if my biggest dream comes true, I'm going to hire you to be my personal shopper. You find the most amazing clothes.

  2. I totally agree, this skirt fits so well.
    Oh, I have not read S. King in ages, but use to be true fan.

  3. The skirt is cool, and I really like the boots too.
    I'm reading The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant, and enjoying it - I recommend her novels, especially Sacred Hearts, if you like intelligent historical fiction. xx

  4. Only YOU could be bored by such fabulous footwear. I love this look: chic, serviceable, and warm.

    I just finished reading "The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street for a third time, the sequel to "84, Charing Cross Road," written by New Yorker Helen Hanff who corresponded with a book shop dealer in London for decades. Charming. It makes me want to see London in the '70s.

  5. I love your blog I read it daily. I find that when I have a bad day you always cheer me up!

  6. You may feel "Meh" about those boots, but they look fab with that outfit.

    I read "The Wind Up Bird Chronicle" by Murakami, and I can't decide whether I enjoyed it or not. It was an interesting read, different from anything I'd read before, but I don't know if I want to try another one.


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