Sunday, November 2, 2014

Bigass Hallowe'en Weekend Wrap-Up: Costumes, Shopping, Day With Hannah

Boo! Hope you all had a fabulous Hallowe'en weekend!
I carved my pumpkin on Thursday night. Scary! I accidentally broke his nose, though, so I had to pin it with toothpicks.

And here I am, in costume!
I am Lydia from the movie, "Beetlejuice." She's the Winona Ryder character.

The full outfit:

  • Black wig, pulled up in a ponytail on top of my head
  • 80s prom dress - thrifted
  • Long red nightgown - thrifted
  • Tiered peignoir with black trim - thrifted
  • Corset, Heart's Content
  • Boots - Ash, last seen here (3rd outfit) last month

The prom dress has had prior-to-me alterations: someone took the darts out of the front of it, so it's straight up and down. I found it at the Patch the week I was off; the nightgown and peignoir were found at Value Village for about $3.00 each. I cut the top of the peignoir off - it had pink paint on it (?).

Of course, L and I did a couples costume! He's Beetlejuice!
That's his real hair; that's also his new suit purchased in Italy.

I bought a dozen black (and one blackish-red) roses at Value Village as well. I purchased the veil at one of those pop-up Hallowe'en stores.

Above is the "safe for work" version - I did work in my costume all day!

L and I threw a costume party on Hallow'en, and I switched to the NSFW version:
I turned the prom dress around back-to-front (cleavage-o-rama!), and took off the nightgown. Otherwise, exactly the same costume.

Doesn't L look awesome?
Officer Vizzini - not impressed
Right down to the wicked cool shoes!

I sewed all kinds of snakes, spiders, rats, bugs and worms to the inside of his vest, so that he could flash the wiggly critters.
Surprisingly still not impressed
I am so lucky to have such a fun partner to do all this stuff with!
Our party went till 2:30am - such a fun night!

On Saturday morning, L and I headed out for lunch at Floyd's Diner.
A wee bit of sunshine - it was a nice warm day.

  • Jacket - Etro, consignment; last seen here in January
  • Top - Cable & Gauge, thrifted; last seen here with chrysanthemums in September 
  • Skirt - no label, thrifted; last seen here being blah in August
  • Boots - 1883 Lucchesse, consignment; last seen here with teal in September
After lunch, I walked over to Fairfield.

The concrete skirt is a good supporting player. I love how supple the leather is.
I love that I have a real Etro piece, that I found on consignment! This jacket is just lush in person.

The stuff:
These boots are awesome for walking.

I've been debating over keeping this red necklace (the metal is getting worn off), but it had at least this one more use in it.

  • Cuff - Rimanchik
  • Necklace - Plum
  • Earrings - local

I did well with a few basics, and found some fun accessories, on my shop. I popped into My Sister's Closet, then browsed in Lazy Susan's.

I found this nice soft red sweater.
It was $22.95 - it's by Banana Republic. It has wide sleeves and a wide waistband - it's one of the most flattering sweater styles on my body.
That's a more accurate colour. I like the wide neckline too.

I got rid of my last mustard sweater (2nd outfit, here) because it bagged out really badly whenever I wore it, so I was happy to finally replace it.
I love the fine knit of this, and the cable down the front.
It was $20.95 and is by Steilmann - the sleeves also have a cable running down them.

I felt in love with this bigass necklace.
Those D20s (nerd reference - 20-sided dice shapes) are hollow metal, and there are sparkly rhinestones set at the base of where they join the main chain. It's by Nygard, and was $16.95.

I bought a $10.95 grab bag because I liked nearly everything in it.
I love the green acrylic necklace - the links are rectangular too. The gold chain one is all right.

The earrings are coppery-coloured, and are stamped "Thai".
There was also this cool ring:
I like the way the 3 stones (crytals?) are set in it. It's also a coppery colour, and is stamped ".925" (meaning it's actually silver), "Italy" and some other brand name that is too small for me to read. It seemed good quality - and it fits on my thumb.

At Lazy Susan's I found a couple of fun things.
It's a cosmic fascinator! I love the blue-grey feathers and the vintage pin attached in the middle - this was $14.00. I plan to wear this for my staff Christmas Gala at the end of this month.

I also really liked these sparkly amber studs.
And bonus Queen Elizabeth pin! This set was $10.00.

Today, I did my annual "Day with Aunt Sheila" for my niece Hannah.
A "ready to shop" outfit.

  • Sweater - Hawick of Scotland, consignment; last seen here in January with my Etro jacket above
  • Skirt - Plum; last seen here (4th outfit) in December 2013
  • Boots - Aldo, consignment; last seen here (2nd outfit) on my week off last week

We had a super-fun day! We started with brunch out, then bused to a mall, then to another mall, then back downtown, then finished by having a light bite to eat before we walked home.
 Hannah got all kinds of fun things. She's 12 now, which means I set her up with facial care supplies (wash, toner, moisturizer with SPF, peel-off mask). It't good to start young!

I wore my lovely velvet and wool coat most of the day, and my fluffy scarf and woolly gloves when I needed them.
 I caught a lurker in the side of the frame - hello, Hannah!

The stuff:
My faithful black boots yet again.

Rocker accessories.
Hannah encouraged me to get the stud/ear-cuff/double chain contraption - I loved wearing it for the day! It was purchased at Claire's.

  • Cuff - vintage 80s
  • Silver ring - Oscar & Libby's
  • Bronze ring - vintage
  • Necklace - blogger gift

And now, I'm exhausted! I need to crash on surf and snuggle with Vizzini.


  1. You look great in costume and so does your husband!
    Fun times...

  2. Your costume looks incredible! I love L's too, the critters sown inside the jacket are fantastic! :)

    I like how you could switch up between work and evening really easily with your costume too - so clever! Hope you had a wonderful Halloween :)

  3. Wow, what a glorious idea for costumes! You two look great.

    That Etro jacket looks so fantastic. I want to see (and touch!) it in person. O.O

    And that jewelry... ! That fascinator! I swoon.

    I'm totally going to call that earring a Bajoran earring. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine has plenty of examples. They sold that style aplenty at Star Trek conventions for decades. Probably still do.)

  4. The costumes are STELLAR! And to think you hit the ground running the day after a night of partying! I'll be Hannah loves hanging out with her KEWL Aunt Sheila too.

  5. Your Beetlejuice costumes are brilliant! Good to know you had a fun time at your party.
    Lovely jewellery finds, and that feather fascinator is fabulous! (Too much alliteration, sorry...) How sweet of you to have a day out with your niece, I bet she loved it. xxx

  6. You and l are the absolute bomb as Beetlejuice-ers! And you look hot as a brunette, just sayin'. xoxo

  7. Your costume is great. I love how happy you look. Candidly, I suspect L keeps his hair like that all year long just so he can use it so artfully for his Halloween costume. :-)

  8. Your costumes are fantastic! Why am I not surprised. Catching up following my trip, and so great to see you in your usual elegant attire. Have missed Shoe Shine Sheila! Looking forward to the next one.

  9. You guys are AMAZING in costume! Such a great theme! Halloween pretty much went by unnoticed here. We should do it in the right season, I reckon.

  10. I love love LOVE your costumes! You guys look so great! You may get a kick out of ours this year: The kiddo was the perfect age this year so I couldn't resist.

  11. I'm a bit late, but AWARDS for best costumes are required.

  12. Great costumes! I love that the two of you enjoy clothes together (and I am a little jealous because my DH has no interest in playing with clothes.)

    Love the mustard sweater. I am on the lookout for one myself. Just want to point out (as a knitter) that technically that is not a cable, but a knitted lace pattern. Very pretty!

  13. I was thrilled to see you and L pop up on Hat Attack! Thank you so much for sharing!


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