Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bits of Bronze

A late night at work, and very few hours at home tonight - it's blog then off to bed with me.
I felt a little staid today, in my tamed-down colour palette, but I liked the bigass necklace and this lovely acid yellow sweater with knitted lace (not cables, thank you, reader Linda!) down the front.

  • Sweater - Steilmann, consignment; purchased on the weekend here
  • Skirt - Julius, vintage, thrifted; last seen here in January while being Mockish
  • Shoes - Ralph Lauren, thrifted; last seen here in August with a purple haze

Loved the sweater - very comfy (I did wear a blue camisole underneath it for coverage and bit of extra warmth).
I'm always boggled that this gorgeous skirt (made in England, real wool, sold at W&J Wilson, a very posh store here that's been around for aeons) was only $7.50 in the thrift store. Such a score!

The stuff:
Comfy shoes - they are holding up pretty well for the beating I give them. The tights are another story (although they've held up well for over 5 years) - today will be their last wearing, as they've finally gotten so snaggy and toe-holey that they just have to go. Sad.

Bronze bling:
Loved the bigass-badassery of this great necklace. A great find and addition to my collection of fun pieces.

  • Necklace - Nygard, consignment
  • Floral ring - Sarah Coventry, vintage
  • Spinner ring - Twang & Pearl
  • Bronze ring - P. Sarpaneva, vintage
  • Earrings - local

I have a ridiculously busy end of week and weekend ahead...Don't forget about Shoe Shine!


  1. This outfit looks expensive. I like that. Too bad about the tights but five years is pretty darned good for tights. Great baubles too - I bet they jangled nicely.

  2. I love, love the necklace, it's got great personality. Like you! And you look fab, xox.

  3. You may see it as a staid look, but I see it as STRONG! The gold and metallic can't be worn by everyone, but you BRING IT ON as usual! Cheeers!

  4. Bold girl to wear that color next to your pretty face ... and it was a win! Looking fabulous in it!

  5. You look tres chic !!! Very elegant outfit. I found a new dog - Kenni now has a buddy and will howl no more. I'm in love. Again.

  6. You look fantastic and classy. You can always rock the bold colors. Those tights are killer! I'm sorry they have to go, but I'm impressed you got 5 years' of mileage out of 'em!

  7. Isn't great when you can wear an item and just feel its glory every time you do ?


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