Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tie One On for Movember

Another long night, working on the newsletter and getting ready for another office move tomorrow night (which I also have to work late for! On a Friday! Jeez!).
My manager phoned me today, "Why do you sound so happy?" "Fake it till you feel it, baby," I said (I can say "baby" to her and not get in trouble). I was definitely happy in this outfit, though! I am feeling the magenta and the grey together. Love. But the star is the tie.

Did you know that I am a Mo-Sista? I participate in my office's Movember team - this is my second year in a row. We struggled with getting men to sign up - the problem is that all these young hipsters already have beards and moustaches! So I created a promotion: I got a small budget to buy ties at the thrift store, and I'm renting them (for $2.00 a day) or my coworkers can buy them (for $5.00 each). I had to go buy more ties - I ran out!

Anyway, that's why I have a tie on today. Not just making a fashion statement, but supporting men's health.

  • Shirt - Banana Republic, consignment; last seen here with turquoise origami in September
  • Vest - Bisou Bisou, consignment; last seen here in May as a casual pirate
  • Skirt - Club Monaco; last seen here - holy smokes - in June 2013! 
  • Shoes - Libby Edelman, last seen here in September with yellow

I'm boggled that I haven't worn this skirt in so long! I packed it away this spring/summer, but to not have worn it all last fall/winter? Tsk, tsk, I am a bad skirt parent.
The velvet of the skirt caused the shirttails to ride up all day. I was constantly picking the skirt out of the vest.

The stuff:
These shoes were a titch high for the manic pace of my day, but not too bad. Flats tomorrow, feet, I promise!

Borrowed bling:
L has excellent taste in ties! I snitched this one without him noticing, but then, he does have close to 50.

  • Tie - L's, I think I might have bought it on consignment for him.
  • Ring - Stone Roses
  • Earrings - local

It's going to be a pretty quiet weekend for me - I need it! - aside from brunch and doing a "shopping assist" trip with a coworker. I always volunteer to take people shopping and they rarely take me up on it, so this is a pleasant surprise. Our company Christmas party is in a couple of weeks (yes, of course my outfit is already planned - duh!), so she wants to look spiffy on the cheap. I can do that!


  1. I wish we could do a shopping assist - you find the most fabulous thrift treasures. Cheers to men's health, too - I lost my beloved brother in law to prostate cancer, so everybody in this house gets an annual exam. xox

  2. EVERY time I see you wearing a tie I am reminded that I have to do a raid of Mr. DJB's collection. But first, I need to find a proper vest to wear it with. I looked for one yesterday, but came up short. I hate it when things ride up! You deserve a relaxing weekend...git 'er done!

  3. I think its a great idea to wear a tie and promote men's heath !
    I've always been a fan of that skirt.

  4. What a great combination of magenta and gray; I love everything about this ensemble!

    But--I've never heard of Movember. I guess I'll look it up, or you could enlighten any other ignoramuses like me?

  5. Good cause, and a great look! Love the colour of the shirt, and the velvet skirt. xxx

  6. Linda, this is a link to Movember Canada:

  7. OMG. The silver and grey and purple!!! So pretty. I love those shoes - are they comfy? Also, i have items that are super cute and I can't remember why I never wear them - it's usually because they are annoying, like your skirt. But I keep trying, and eventually I find a match for the annoying article. You really DO look so pretty in this outfit. See you later!!!

  8. I love the idea of substituting the tie for the mustache, I really don't want to grow mine out!

    And what a fabulous idea for a fundraiser! I'm preparing to emerge from a cocoon of sorts, so I don't see enough people to do this... but I may steal your ideas in the future.

    You, of course, look fab per usual!

  9. The tie thing is a great idea! The snug vest looks very cool over the shirt with the bottom of the shirt out. Your outfits always have great little details that make them fun and funky.

  10. magenta and grey look magnificent on you, dear lady, even if your tie was stealing the show indeed!! lovely outfit and so great you were supporting men's health at your office!


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