Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Shiny Thursday - Wearing My Heart

And here we are, the eve of my extra-long weekend! I'm so excited I'm shining!
Yes, that is a very shiny dress! It's not quite as shiny in person - the overall effect is shiny, yes, but the turquoise and purple of the pattern are more obvious.

  • Dress - Max & Co.; purchased here in Florence last month
  • Shoes - Pearl Hart Bellevues, Fluevog; last seen here in July with watercolours and bark

I liked how the blue tights pulled the shoes and the dress together, and the cabling pattern of the tights echoed the pattern of the dress' fabric.
Wah! Contrast-y back! People were constantly ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the dress. Wearing shiny is fun!

The stuff:
Lovely shoes - I walked several blocks in them, and worked late (again). No foot pain.

Gold bling:
I can see myself in my heart (that sounds more profound than it is). I had fun showing people my "boyfriends" inside it, hee hee (click here if you don't know what I'm talking about).

  • Belt - vintage; gift from mother-in-law
  • Heart necklace - local; gift from L
  • Lapis lazuli ring and Fulvia ring - the awesome Wendy Brandes
  • Earrings - local

And now...I'm getting my long weekend on! It's our big company Christmas party on Saturday night and I have an awesome outfit planned! Enjoy your Thanksgiving (my US friends) and have a lovely week and weekend, my other global comrades.


  1. Enjoy your long weekend Sheila! :)

    I really like that dress - it does look fun! :)

  2. Love this dress, the boyfriend locket (!) and the whole thing. xoxo

  3. such a pretty amazing dress, love its shape, love its little geometric motives, love its shiny fabulousness!!!, and love how you've paired with purple tights and bicolored shoes, love that subtle color combo!!
    obviously, you've got a shiny golden heart, dear lady, and it's even better in the inside, mwahaha

  4. I am loving this dress!
    It is a perfect choice for the upcoming holiday season.

  5. Ooh, loving the shiny frock!
    Have a great weekend, Sheila! xxx

  6. Whoo! Amazing dress, and the heart is so fun. Hunky boyfriends!

  7. I am lusting after that dress - great colour and such a flattering and fun shape!

  8. I was about to mention that I had not seen this beauty before, because I would have remembered !
    I see its from Florence :), its a beautiful garment, the fabric loos very luxurious.


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