Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Sad Adieu to the Tattoo Legs (But There Are Blue Shoes!)

I was so sad today when I put a couple of holes in these nylons - I love the funky tattoo look up the sides of my legs. But they aren't wearable anymore and I did get some good outfits out of them. Check here, here, and here to see how I've worn them before. Aw, only four wears.

But, I shall persevere, and maybe I'll find some another time - I got them on clearance at the Bay ages ago.

Today's outfit was built around the shoes, which are one of the five new pairs I got last week with gift money from my mother-in-law:
The skirt is also from the same gift money. These shoes replaced my old blue shoes. They are a lower heel, but are suede (not plastic), and are so comfy.

The stuff:
That's the true colour - isn't it gorgeous? I was singing "blue, blue, blue suede shoes" all day. Okay, I was singing it in my head, not out loud at work. The shoes were $50 on clearance, and the skirt was $17.50.

I meant to wear a new gold necklace I got, but forgot to pack it last night. Dang!

Denim jacket (Bisou Bisou, consignment), brown blouse (Mexx), belt (Dana Buchman, consignment), skirt (Mexx, gift), shoes (First by Feet First, gift), gold earrings (gift from L).


  1. Awwww, I just hate it when that happens. Love your outfit, especially that leopard belt!

  2. I love the new shoes and skirt! The shoes are a great replacement for the old ones. Nice to be able to upgrade every once in a while!

  3. BLUE SHOES!!!

    I need to wear mine again soon. So sorry to see the end of the tattoo hose!

  4. Those are the perfect shoe! A great heel with a fun shape and that color is dazzling. i want, I want!


  5. Sing it, Sheila! I *love* the shoes.
    I also get bummed out when my favorite tights wear out, even though I know they aren't meant to last forever... but I wear them as long as the runs/holes are confined to areas that aren't visible under my clothes.

  6. Hmmmm... i really like the animal print + flower combinations, reminds me a little of Cavalli.

  7. Those are some truly fantastic shoes, doll! I’ve been looking for an electric blue pair for myself for ages.

  8. I saw your note on my blog - you are welcome - I mean you are the classiest "hussy" :-P I have ever seen LOL!!

    Sorry about your tights by the way. :-(

  9. FA, me too, but at least I have pictures and memories of them. Thanks so much!

    Alison, aren't they fab? I just love them. Yes, I'm trying to upgrade to better quality overall.

    Wendy, you got it sistah!

    Kristen, well, yeah! Get those blue shoes out! Yeah, sad to see them go.

    Julia, aren't they gorgeous? I love them.

    Kari, I do that too, but these drove me nuts all day, and with the holes...gotta go.

    Lorena, thank you! I know the name, but don't know Cavalli.

    Sal, thanks! I had been keeping my eyes peeled.

    Bianca, thank you! I love that! A hussy, hee hee! *shrug* It's okay about the nylons. They had their time.


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