Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Green, Tweed and Librarian Shoes

Today's outfit is a bunch of my...what do they call it...ah, "remixed" items, aside from the green camisole, which is new.
I love, love this skirt and cardigan. They are probably two of my favourite items in my closet. The cardigan continues the theme from yesterday, of clothes where the design continues around the back:
More storks and trees! I also love that both cuffs on the cardi have little tree branches. You can see the embroidery better in the close-up below.

Hee, my butt looks good there.

I spent the day admiring my shoes. Seriously, these are awesome shoes:
$22.50 US in a thrift store in Seattle, and they were brand new.

I read that gallons of pearls is "in" right now, so I wore one of my necklaces. Of course, I've done scads of pearls before! (Hmm...I should wear that dress again)

Cardigan (Lucky Brand, consignment), camisole (Smart Set), skirt (Talbot's, consignment), shoes (Steve Madden, thrifted), necklace (Aldo Accessories).


  1. I love those colors - beautiful! The cut of the skirt is perfect on your body, too. (Yes, your butt does look good!)

    I know it's silly of me to ask this since I live closer to it than you, but where do you like to thrift when you come to Seattle? I'm kind of clueless about where to begin.

  2. Great outfit...I love how the camisole brings out the green in the cardigan's branches perfectly. Bravo!

    That cardigan is really neat, too...it's so cool how the design continues on to the other side. It's almost like a tapestry, and the back is the conclusion of the story.

    Those shoes are like the flirty big sister of those Oxfords I blogged about yesterday...

    PS: Since you're such a fan of Boney M (was I not supposed to say that in public?), you HAVE to watch this revelatory music video featuring Bobby Farrell, the lead "singer" of Boney M. It's like the disco version of Johnny Cash's "Hurt" video.

  3. Goodness, I would stare at my shoes all day too if I owned those! And your dupa looks fantastic in that skirt. :)

    Gallons of pearls are in, hunh? I've been hankering after some more pearls, maybe I should go for it...

  4. Super awesome! I love the colors and have always loved that skirt. The cardi is really special. And, the shoes! What a great find!

  5. Looooove this ensemble, Sheila! Especially since it's got a shot of black, but it's fitted, cropped, and up top - with loads of color everywhere else.

  6. RIng those shoes up Sheila !
    What a great find... did I mention you look super ?!
    I really like the cut on that skirt...

  7. i LOVE the color combo you put together here!

  8. Your butt does look good! And you know how much I love that skirt. :)

  9. Love the little pleats and the silhouette of the skirt, no wonder you love it! Beautiful cardi too.

    I can't even comment on the shoes, it's too painful. Envy.

  10. Thanks, Kari! I actually Googled "thrift" and "consignment" clothes before I came down in October. I went to a bunch of stores, but the store that I got these shoes in was easily my favourite for deals and all kinds of different clothes: Crossroads Trading.

    Thanks, Couture! I love the vintage-y vibe of it too.

    Thanks, Johnny! Agreed, clothing with a story is essential. Otherwise, why bother? Yes, very close to those shoes! Oh, I don't mind anyone knowing I like Boney M. :-P Awesome video, thanks!

    Kristen, totally! Is "dupa" the tummy region? Go for it! Pile on the pearls.

    Thanks, Alison!

    Thank you, Sal!

    Lorena, you're so funny, thank you!

    Thanks, Evanadine!

    Tina, I know - how's the treadmill going? I can see "your" skirt right here...

    Thanks, Sherylyn - isn't it pretty? Oh, honey - you can pet them next time you're over. ;)

  11. The pleating on the skirt really makes it, and I love the combination of the soft colors.

  12. Thanks so much, Audi - it is one of my favourite skirts by a mile.


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