Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Low Heels Week - Gold and Brown

When I decided to do this theme week, these are the shoes that I thought of wearing first. But - shock of shocks! - they are actually 3" heels!
They are Aerosoles and you can see how squooshy they are - super comfy! They have lots of padding and I can shop in them for hours with no soreness.

Who'da thunk it?
Sorry for the boring outfit - I've been having a very stressful time at work lately, and I didn't plan any of my outfits ahead this week (just quickly grabbed stuff the night before). I should wear some yellow to cheer up.

The sweater is the last new-to-me non-accessory item that I got before Christmas - finally wore it! It's 80% merino wool, blended with nylon and a touch of spandex. Not itchy at all (I'm wearing a camisole underneath). It was around $12 in a thrift store.

The stuff:
I think part of what makes these shoes not feel like a 3" heel is that the heel is set lower under the foot - it's centred directly below my heel and keeps my foot from pushing forward in the shoe and mushing my toes together. The T-strap also keeps these really stable, as does the cap on the heel (since it's nice and wide).

Every time I see these shoes in the closet, I think, "Maybe it's time to toss those granny shoes," but then I wear them and I get a bunch of compliments. They are three years old and starting to get some wear, but I guess for now they'll stay.

Sweater (Banana Republic, thrifted), skirt (Jacob, consignment), shoes (Aerosoles), necklace (Plum), earrings (Foxy).


  1. Granny shoes?!? As if. Those are totally awesome. I think wearing a basic outfit with simple chic accessories can be fabulous with a great pair of shoes.

  2. I love Aerosoles shoes, and those are great! Very bendy. :-)

  3. Wow! I'm wearing Aerosoles in this picture but they're not so sex-ay.

  4. I enjoy the warm tones of this outfit! And you're right, those heels don't look like they're three inches, but I believe you :) I have some "granny shoes" too that I always consider throwing away, but like you, I end up wearing them and liking them every, yeah! Anyway, you look hoooooottttt in a mini!!


  5. You should totally put a thick white Arial "WTF" under that second picture and make it a LOLsheila...

  6. I love Aerosoles for that exact same reason - super comfy. Plus, most the winter boots fit the larger calf!

    What is the length on your necklaces? I try to do the long necklaces, but can't seem to get the right length.

  7. Sorry to hear you're stressin', lady. And this outfit is far from boring - it's sleek and chic all the way.

  8. I think this outfit makes you look so tiny!!! It seriously flatters you. Hope the stress leaves you soon.

    Lisa in Ohio

  9. See - heels really DO give pizazz to an outfit! And those are great! You look fabulous in that short skirt, too.

  10. Great shoes, Aerosoles are the best... and you look amazing in that mini :o) !!!

  11. That's far from being a boring outfit - the colours, the shoes, and the fit work great together!

  12. Hi, and thanks for commenting, Ecc3ntricCynic (that's quite a handle). Thanks very much - I will not be so hard on myself. :) PS - I love the Rachel Morgan books.

    Thanks, Bianca! I have had Aerosoles that killed my feet, but these ones are awesome.

    Ha! Wendy, Aerosoles have come a long way, haven't they? You're so adorable in those pictures.

    Thanks, Julia. I measured them, thay are really 3"! Granny chic rules - I must accept this.

    Ha, Johnny! Maybe next time I'm making another goofy face.

    TexNY, like I mentioned above, it depends on the shoe. I am not sure what the length is (long? ha!). I always try them on and see where they hit before I buy.

    Aw, thanks, Sal. I know it will pass (hopefully soon).

    Thanks, Lisa in Ohio! I have been working to get back down below my goal weight, so that means a lot. Thank you very much for your kind words and for commenting. :)

    Rebecca - I do love pizzazz! I have thrown that "no minis after 35" rule right out the window, hah! Thank you!

    Lorena, thanks so much!

    Thank you, Anonymous.

  13. Gold shoes rock! You look so 60's chic in this outfit, and the gold shoes work much better than go go boots would!

  14. Oooooo, I just LOVE that miniskirt on you!!! It looks fantastic with that sweater and necklace, too.

  15. Sheila, that outfit is not at all "boring". You look amazing, chic, simply elegant.... and look at the legs on you woman! Wow!

  16. Thanks, Tat! I guess I associate boring with monochrome, but you're right, it's not boring. Thank you so much! Hey, when you're a "certain age" you have to work with what you've got, hah!

  17. Could you be any cuter? I really like the mini and the necklaces with the classic outfit. Of course I can't stop without mentioning the shoes. They are the perfect shade of gold and very cute.

  18. Seriously NOT boring. Muted in color perhaps, but not at all boring. Check out your short skirt, Girl. Your legs are 10 miles long!

  19. So NOT a boring outfit -- chic, simple, classic yes, but nothing you wear could EVER be boring :D

  20. Thanks so much, Tina! You're so good for my ego. Aw.

    Kayleigh, so great to see you! Thank you!


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