Monday, January 25, 2010

Low Heels Week - Zebra!

Lovely blogger Rebecca of Thrifty Style at Sixty commented the other day, "I think a wee part of my wardrobe blahs is the fact that I can't wear those beautiful high heeled shoes anymore."

Well, it will be a sad day for me when I have to give up my four-inch heels, that's for sure. I look after my feet (I give myself foot massages, wear supportive runners, and give my feet a break as much as I can), but one day I know it will happen.

However, just because you can't wear sky-high heels doesn't mean you can't have gorgeous-looking shoes! I am doing all low heels this week to prove it.

Today, it was my fab 1 1/2" kitten heels (I measured them):
As usual, I just pulled out the colours from the shoes: green, black, brown and gold.

Here's a close-up:
I find a kitten heel is best when it's centred right under the heel, not set too far back. These shoes are so comfy. Also, if you do a pointy toe, make sure the shoe size is a smidge bigger than you'd normally wear so that you don't cramp your toes. I found these at Winners a couple of years ago for about $20.

Jacket (Lux, thrifted), camisole (Esprit), skirt (Kenzie), shoes (Hale Bob), necklace (Foxy).


  1. It's funny, in some ways I feel like kitten heels are harder for me to walk in than higher but chunkier heels. I think it's what you said - it lies in the balance point of the heel in relation to the rest of the shoe.

    Four inch heels? Your feet and legs must have immense stamina! They look just as lovely in these pretty low heels, too, though.

    I've had to baby my feet a bit more in the past few years ever since a trip to London where I traveled for a week on foot without the best shoes. I can feel this tendon flopping around sometimes, and it makes me worried that my arch might fall.

  2. I started off my heel obsession with kitten heels, but I find them too hard to wear now; the tiny little heel feels less sturdy than a chunkier one that are three inches.

    Those are adorable on you; love them with the rich browns of the outfit.

  3. I'm SO excited! I will read with GREAT interest. Thanks for coming to my rescue. I HAVE already learned that secret about a bigger size if toe is pointy -- I learned it the hard way :)

  4. Love that jacket !
    You know in regards to heels, it's true you MAY have to stop wearing them or NOT. My grandma is 80 and she CANNOT wear flat shoes.... she wears heels... not 4 inch... but, we have hope !

  5. What an awesome idea - to show that lower heels can be just as stylish. I shy away from kitten heels myself for the same reason as Kari, I actually have an easier time walking in taller, chunky heels. I'm a klutz.

  6. I've added a link to your blog on mine!

  7. Cute outfit! Don't you just love the name "kitten heels"?

    Funny, I am doing a flats week too, but it's because of my knee issues. I promised J no heels for a week after it no longer hurts. Towards than end, I needed some flat shoes...and cashed in on the super-sale at Fluevog! Super cool patent leather blue mid-calf boots. Suitable for both moshing and the office lol

  8. What a truly beautiful sweat wrap.

    I also have been forgoing the heels. I mean, I still wear boot heels, which don't count in my crazy book, but you know, I've been wearing 1-2 inchers. I have some kitten heeled sandals that are my summer staples. I love those suckers....

    Anyway, you look fab--sorry I've been out of commission. But I'm home now!

  9. Kari, go measure your heels - 4 inches is shockingly the standard height nowadays! I am startled by how few 2-3 inch heels I have! Ooh, baby your feet (and legs).

    Kristen, it's a good place to start! Thanks!

    Rebecca, you're so sweet. Glad you already know about the pointy toe!

    Thanks, Lorena! I feel bad for your grandma - that is probably due to her tendons tightening up from only wearing heels. I hope I have strong enough feet and legs to wear heels when I'm 80!

    Thanks, Sal! Kitten heels take a little getting used to, just like high heels do.

    Couture, thanks! I must add you.

    Sheryly, thanks! I totally do love the name. Oh, good for you for taking it easy on the heels for a week. Fluevog sale?? What? No one told me!

    Wendy, I hear ya. Maybe it's just a different side of you that you haven't discovered yet.

  10. Thanks, FA, they are one of my favourite pairs.

  11. I really like your jacket. The color is really cool and the feminine details, so nice. Cute shoes too. Fun, fun!


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