Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's All About the Shoulders

Today's outfit features three (count 'em, three!) new items, but mostly, the shirt steals the show. It has Shoulders. I felt like a Rocketeer all day in this.
"To Infinity...and Beyond! Is that a sale I see?"

Heh. One of my co-workers who never - I mean NEVER - comments on my clothes enthusiastically said she liked this outfit. I was somewhat taken aback.

The top has all the things I like: pattern, floral, pretty colours and even some glitter (it has a slight gold sheen woven in). It was $37.50, I believe, on sale. I'm looking forward to layering it over camisoles in warmer weather, or over a dress.

Did I mention I feel very futuristic in it, with the wide capped shoulder?
"Yes! We shall proceed to the Mall! That way, my minions!"

The red long-sleeved tee is also new: $17.00 on sale. The other new thing is my socks! Did you notice that I'm wearing stripey socks over my taupe fishnets? There they are, peeking out the tops of my boots.

The stuff:
Stripey goodness! Plaid-tastic! Great goldy uh...goldness!

Top (Bianca Nygard), t-shirt (Press), skirt (Kensie), tights (Hue), socks (Hue), earrings (gift from Bonnie), bracelet (The Bay).


  1. That shirt is crazy awesome!! I love the boots with the socks, too; you always have the best footwear. Do you have a footwear assembledge post I've somehow missed.


  2. The shirt steals the show 100%! I love how the print, which could be really difficult to wear, is cut at such a flattering angle on the garment. I love how well you use unusual, challenging pieces and make them look even more special.

  3. The Shoulders! Very on-trend, lady.

  4. haha, like your military like poses... and the top is great, i can see you wear it in so many ways-

  5. Thanks, Julia! I know it's not to everyone's taste, but I like the really unique stuff. I am pushing my own boundaries with the socks, haha. No, I've never done a shoe post...it would be massive...I have a LOT of shoes.

    Kari, thanks! The cut was a big factor for me, too.

    Sal, I knew you would spot that.

    Lorena, thanks!

  6. This is an amazing outfit on you!!! I love love love it. It's so modern, so chic.

  7. The poses are fantastic, and I really love the overall shape you've created. It is reminiscent of 40s womens' suits. I dig it.

  8. Thanks so much, FA! I wasn't so sure about this one.

    Tina, thanks! I like to have fun with them sometimes. I love that 40s look for women's clothing.


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