Monday, January 18, 2010

Mixing Metals on a Miserable Monday

I picked up this skirt on Friday night after work. I actually wanted a pair of red Miz Mooz boots but the store had sold out, so I went on the hunt for something else. This (and a dress that I am saving for some special occasion) is what I found:
I love the kooky pattern, particularly since it went onto the back of the skirt. I hate it when patterns or embroidery are only on the front of garments - it's like designers think we're only going to be seen from the front. Silly!

See? Pattern on the back:
I like the unevenness of it, too. Of course, I went all matchy-matchy and did a blue sweater, yellow bracelet and gold and silver accessories:
You can see all the stuff going on with the skirt (thank goodness for the grey background, or we'd have some sort of fashion disaster going on!) - eee, it has studs on it! Love!

I'm not really miserable, by the way, I just went for the alliteration (and the weather's kind of craptastic).

The chain belt is vintage from the 60s (story of what the belt originally looked like here), and the cuff is one of my crazy-good thrift deals ($4 with a $35 sticker underneath it).

Sweater (Tobias), skirt (Bianca Nygard), shoes (BCBGirls), cuff (thrifted), belt (Mom's, 60s vintage), earrings (don't remember).


  1. I love the skirt, and like you, that is one of my HUGE pet peeves when designs are only printed/embroidered on the front of a garment. (What, are we billboards?)

    The metallic shoes look awesome with the skirt!

  2. That chain belt is gorgeous. I bet it has served you well over the, um, decades. :)

  3. LOL at not really being miserable. I WAS going to say "at least you look good" but now I'll just say "You look good!" Love the skirt!

  4. Thanks, Kari! I realized that I actually have a lot of items where the pattern continues around - it must be a "thing" of mine.

    Kristen, oh, it's's been decades. :-P Thanks!

    Thanks, Erin! I'm actually feeling pretty good this week.

    Thanks, Wendy!


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