Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More Tweed and My Best Deal on Shoes

Today's outfit features the last pair of shoes that I picked up before Christmas. I found them in a thrift store for $13.50, barely worn. Seriously, check out the shoes:
Erm, thanks, cat! Get out of the way!

Try again, the shoes:
The blue sweater is also new - it's silk and cashmere, paper thin, and the front is covered in rows of tiny sequins, each one hand-sewn on. I felt a little Roaring Twenties in this flapper-esque silhouette.

I had to photograph and dash, as we met up with friends to see "Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call: New Orleans" (hilarious, over-the-top Nic Cage, and duh, it's a Werner Herzog movie, of course I loved it). Anyway, I quickly threw on my jeans and boots:
The stuff (the sweater colour is closer to the right blue in the shots above than here):
There, that's a better idea of the glorious burgundy/ruby red of the shoes. They are piped in grey and are made of leather. They were totally comfortable - lots of padding on the ball of the foot.

You can see all the tiny sequins on the sweater above. It was $15 in a thrift store.

Proof of my awesome deal on the shoes. Check it out: Town Shoes is a kryptonite store for me - keep me away from there! I'll spend all my money! Although, truly, mostly I just look, because I'm now spoiled by thrift and consignment store prices. I'll only pay over $100 for Fluevogs now.

Sweater (The Limited, thrifted), cami (RW & Co.), skirt (Mexx, gift from Celia), shoes (Town Shoes, thrifted), ring (Soul Flower), earrings (Plum).


  1. Those shoes are made of magic. I love the rich color, and they don't look like they have been touched at all before you wore them.

    It looks like Town Shoes is actually pretty nearby where my high school band used to stay when we came up for the parade. I'll have to remember to stop by there next time I'm in the area. It's not too far from where my friends live.

  2. Your outfits have been spectacular the last few days! I think a wee part of my wardrobe blahs is the fact that I can't wear those beautiful high heeled shoes anymore. They certainly make your outfits ZING!

  3. I never have such luck at thrift stores, the sweater is gorgeous my favorite color and it looks so good on you! also love the shoes, Very pretty outfit.

  4. That teal is just amazing on you, lady.

  5. Those are so gorgeous shoes. I love the color and details. The sweater is so pretty too. You really did find some really great stuff.

  6. You look simple yet sophisticated----
    Did I tell you I paid 35 USD for my Fluevogs ?!

    I am sensing it was a bargain -

  7. You have been having some fantastic luck with the shoe finds lately. I'm a size six and lately all the consignment stores I visit seem to only have larger sizes.:(

    However yesterday I got a similar skirt to the one you're wearing so I'm going to look for a blue sweater. That combination is gorgeous.

    And I love your little furry helper too.

  8. Love that skirt, and those shoes!~

    We love Nic Cage movies as a rule. lol.

  9. Holy carp, 13.50 for Town Shoes shoes??? That probably less than 10% of the original price! Woo hoo! And they are gorgeous. You sure find good stuff.

  10. Me again explaining why I didn't write in the book - it was a library book! Otherwise, be assured, I would have been marking it up.

  11. Kari, they are! They have a bit of scuffing on the bottom and a couple of really little dings on the heels - maybe worn twice. How cool! That's a great mall.

    Thanks so much, Rebecca, what a sweet thing to say. :) Just for you, m'dear, I am going to do a "Flats Spectacular" week - you can look great with heels under 2".

    Lesa, you have to take the time and look - some people don't have the patience, which is cool. Thank you!

    Thanks, Tex!

    Sal, thanks! I love this shade.

    Alison, thanks. I have been having fun making outfits out of all the new stuff. Only a couple of things left.

    Lorena, get out!! When are you going to wear them so I can see? Yeah, total bargain.

    Northmoon, I see so many size 6s. I never see MY size! Maybe we should swap stores.

    Thanks, Erin. Yes, he's awesome!

    Sherylyn, I KNOW. Score. Thanks!

    Rebecca, I wondered if that was the case. :)


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