Thursday, January 14, 2010

Heh, She Said "Pants"

I hardly ever wear pants. They are just not my thing, although I live in jeans at home. I also didn't buy very many pairs during the 2009 Wardrobe Challenge, so they have been scarce this year. However, I did buy this pair (new) a couple of weeks ago, on sale at Esprit for $35 (regular $99):
Hard to tell, but they are navy blue with a big pale blue/grey check. I love the really wide leg on these. Esprit's pants fit me perfectly. Love them - most of my jeans are Esprit, in fact.

The cardi/shrug is new-to-me. Picked it up in my thrifting spree right before Christmas. It's a wool/angora/cashmere blend, but that darned angora shed like mad all over the place. Note to self: don't buy angora! I do like the sparkly bits around the neck - I'll just make sure I wear it with light-coloured items.

The cami underneath is one I got last Friday night while out shopping with Mom. Love the ruching - so flattering! The line down the front is little brown and gold wood beads.

This is something I do with the cats all the time:
Bam! Cat-zooka! I carry him around like Ripley carries her gun in "Aliens" and pretend to shoot L with him (I make exploding noises).

The shoes are hard to see because the pants are so long, but they are another new pair (I only have one pair left from my mad shoe-a-thon that I haven't worn yet) - my first pair of Campers:
I was astounded at how comfy they are. There is a bit of a platform on the front, and the chunky heel means good stability. They were on sale for $80 from $200.

I didn't wear any accessories aside from some crystal stud earrings, as all the bling on the clothes seemed plenty.

Cardigan (The Limited, thrifted), top (Bianca Nygard), pants (Esprit), shoes (Camper).


  1. Love that orange top, and those pants fit you perfectly! Pretty kitty :)

  2. OMG!!! Love the kitty moves. My hubby does that with my Frenchie and he does the shotgun thing Chk,Chk... and Brandt the Frenchie and he growls. It totally amps up Leeloo my Bullmastiff. He used to do that with our Weimaraner that we used to have too. Then the pups would play like mad. It's hysterical!

    Lovely new shoes and I'm really looking forward to seeing the Campers.

  3. Oh, on the lolcats site when they take pictures of cats like that, they say "pew pew pew" like a machine gun :-)

  4. You look great in pants. Don't know why you don't wear more of them, you should! (Hmmm, I may try Esprit's pants now, thanks for the tip.)

    Heehehee at using Inigo as a cat-zooka! What a cutie.

  5. Sheila, you look great in pants!

    I use to play Helio-Cat with one of mine many moons ago, he loved swooping down on unsuspecting dogs!

  6. EEEK! I've had my eye on those Campers for ages. Lucky you.

  7. I'm the same. I'm not a pants girl either, but I do love jeans!~ But those do look really good on you.

  8. Cupcake would scratch my eyes out if I attempted that lol...but I bet Mosquito would have let me. We used to dance around the living room, we both really liked Journey for kitty-dancing. I miss him.

    These pants make you legs look 10 feet long!! Lovely.

  9. Weren't the Esprit sales great? I love the pants that you ended up with. I don't wear pants that often anymore either, but my favorite is my plaid flannel pair - not *too* different from yours, just lighter and different colors.

  10. Oh, the shoes are my PERFECT shoe. And the cat bazooka is of course the most deadly bazooka of all. But you knew that. :)

  11. Pants look good on you Sheila ! Do not limit yourself !
    Oh and NOW that I finally got those Fluevogs, you come to me with ANOTHER shoe brand I have not heard of before and that are to die for.... I do not think this is much support for my shopping ban !

  12. I also feel like pants aren't really my thing. These look fantastic on you, though!

  13. Thanks, FA!

    Alison, I laughed at how many people do similar things with their animals. That is too funny! These are the Campers - did I fool you?

    The lolcats are funny - I love that machine gun, and will try it with my kitties, heheh. Thanks, Wendy!

    Kristen, thank you - I still just don't like them on me. Damned thighs...

    Thanks, Chris! Hee, we also do "Cat Tours" and hold the cats up high to look at things in the house. They love it.

    Sal, they are so comfy - go for it!

    Erin, yes, jeans are great...pants, not so much. Thank you, hon.

    Sherylyn, would she really? Aw, that's so sweet. You're too kind about the pants, but I did love the swooshiness of the leg.

    Kari, they always have good stuff - I bought a dress there on Friday, and a couple of casual layering tops. I really missed them during last year's challenge.

    Julia, I thought you would like them. Heh, yes, watch out!

    Lorena, I know, but there are so many pretty skirts and dresses and they fit better! Look out, you may end up with more shoes!

    LHdM, thank you! And why should we wear things that aren't us??


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