Monday, July 14, 2008

Yellow, Green and Brown

Yellow cardigan (Jacob), green lace-trimmed cami (Esprit), brown suit skirt (Kenzie, Dots), crazy shoes (Hale Bob, Winners), brown leather belt with jeweled buckle (Plum), crystal "vintage" earrings and necklace (Avon, gift from mom).
Jacob is starting to mark down all their summer stuff - this sweater is right up my alley. Great for layering (it came with a self-belt), great for an air conditioned office! I love the mustard/acid yellow - it looked chartreuse green in some of the light at work, but the pic above is pretty accurate.

On the other hand, this picture does not even look like the same sweater! A nice close-up of the belt and jewelry.
This belt was only about $19 on sale at Plum last year. I'm down to the last notch when I wear it snug around my waist. I like the jewelry because of the vintage-y look, but it doesn't really stand up to close examination...good from afar.


  1. I love the accessories. I have pledged to buy no new clothes for a year so unless I find one in a charity shop I will have to wait until July 1st 2009 when I can go shopping again!

  2. What a great pledge! Maybe I should do that for my New Year's Resolution next husband would love that!


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