Thursday, July 17, 2008

Black and Red with Vintage

Red cropped jacket (Vero Moda, Bryan's), black dress with square beads (Kensie, Dots), grey and white wedges (Qutie, vacation), red/grey scarf (The Bay), vintage silver and black stone bracelet and earrings (Grandma J, made in Mexico).
Okay, so I was just a little overdressed for work - so sue me! I've been wanting to wear this dress since I got it - it's an empire waist with X back straps and square beading at the neckline. It has X back straps, so a jacket was needed...and that led to my lovely red jacket, and then because I didn't want to do black shoes, the grey ones looked cool. Then I needed to tie them all together and voila! this scarf (which I've never yet worn) worked perfectly.

I monkeyed with the scarf at the neck (it's a long rectangle), but it felt chokey and didn't look right, so I did it as a headscarf, over my newly dyed hair.

A close-up of the scarf and jewelry:
Grandma J gave me this set when I was about 18-19 years old. I used to visit her on the way home from University; we'd sit and chat and every so often she'd pull out a set or piece of jewelry she thought I'd like. She told me she got this set in Mexico on vacation with Grandpa J (he died when I was 12). I've seen bracelets like this in antique stores, but they aren't as nicely done. None of the little faces has their earrings (which are loose pieces) on the ones I've seen, and I've never seen the matching earrings. The bracelets in the shops are about $75, so I think my set is probably $100-125. A better shot of the earrings:
You can also see the shimmer in the black stone on the bracelet. I did some research and it's likely golden obsidian, which is mined in Mexico. It's very noticeably gold on some of the sections.

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