Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Navy and New Aztec Skirt

Navy pinstriped suit jacket (Esprit), dark red sleeveless sweater (Planet, The Bay), Aztec circle skirt (2nd hand, vacation), red suede peep-toe platform pumps (Le Chateau), ivory/brass bangles (import gifts shop, vacation), gold bead earrings (gift shop, vacation).
Okay, so the skirt is not really Aztec, but it needs a name and I can't think of a better one.

I am being daring today and matching patterns: the navy pinstripe went quite well with the navy and other colours in the skirt, and made the informality of the skirt a little more appropriate for work. This is a full circle skirt (and is the only skirt I own with an elastic waist!), and was a whopping $7 in a 2nd hand shop. It's even lined. It's got some great colours in it for matching, so lots of potential there, and I think it will look great with boots come Fall.

I got these shoes in late Fall/early Winter last year - I wore them at New Year's and not since. I've had to put Dr. Scholl's liners in them to make them easier on my feet, but they are surprisingly comfortable for the height. A close-up:

Got them on sale for $19.99 - not bad for real leather. Ha, I can see my sock mark on my foot from my walk home still.

Some more of my great finds from our vacation this past weekend. The bangles are small enough that I actually have to push them on - a real rarity to find them that small. They were $12 for the set - I got a turquoise set too. The earrings were $7.95 in another gift shop.A look at the design of the skirt. That little diamond has glitter. I do love my sparkly.

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