Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Whole Lotta Black...and Sexy Shoes!

Black tie-top cardigan (Vero Moda, Plum), black sheer t-shirt with grey/silver/black decoration (Mexx, consignment), black cami with black sequins (Esprit), black skirt (Kensie, Plum), ombre grey patent shoes (Qutie, vacation), silver/crystal earrings (Melanie Lynne).
I felt like sex on a stick in these shoes - I love them! And honestly, they are one of the more comfortable pairs of heels that I have. There's quite a lot of padding inside, and of course the wedges add stability. The back of the heel has an outer curve (reminiscent of the Prada heels for spring, which these are obviously ripping off, since these are vinyl and were only $50). A close-up:
Notice how I'm barely discussing the outfit - it was just a showcase for the shoes. But really, I do love this skirt. A little poufy bow in the front, pockets, great cut and length. The cardi is also really cute. Black never photographs well - you just can't see all the textures.

Man, my hair looks like ass today.

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