Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bonne Bell - Blue and Brown

Blue patterned silk blouse (I.N.C., consignment), pale blue sequined cami (Esprit), brown suit skirt (Kenzie, Dots), straw and croc peep-toe shoes (Roberto Vianni, The Bay), cream/gold bangles (ethnic imports store, vacation), gold multi-ring earrings.
When I was in Grade 8, I was finally allowed to wear make-up to school - I got 2 Bonne Bell eyeshadows in my stocking for Christmas...oh, 1980, that would have been. This is the exact shade of blue that one of them was, and the other was this very shade of brown. They didn't look very good on me - it was another year or so until I got instruction on how to apply make-up properly.

I felt very pretty all day, very girly. I normally wouldn't wear this without a jacket to work (I don't like sleeveless tops for work - I think they're too casual), but since it's casual month and the weather is still warm, here I am, jacketless.

A shot of the lovely bow on the back:
"Bonne" means "good", and "Bell(e)" means "pretty". Good pretty!

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  1. This is a great outfit -- your arms/shoulders look good in this shot.


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