Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Birthday Week: Fully Gray

I am 52 years old tomorrow! All this week, I'm putting my best foot forward and wearing some of my favourite things. 
Today, they all happened to be grey. My hair even matches now! That's all my actual real colour, by the way; only about two bleached-out inches at the ends are left from my former dark purple.

  • Shirt - Lansea for Pant-Man, vintage 70s, thrifted; purchased here for $19.99
  • Skirt - Marc Jacobs, thrifted; last worn here (2nd outfit) with my Corey Hart concert tee in June
  • Shoes - Amante, vintage 80s, thrifted; last seen here in March with a leather peplum
  • Coat (below) - Stop Staring!, thrifted; last worn here (3rd outfit) in April

I had a lot of positive reactions from my coworkers on this outfit.
The shirt fits so well, and amazed Christian, who couldn't believe it was over 40 years old. Heh, double-knit polyester lasts forever!

The skirt is stiff silk and very twirly. I am especially enamoured of how it billows when I go down stairs.
 It is a teeny size (2), so the zipper is half undone at the top, but hidden by the wide belt.

It's a really classic piece - and it doesn't wrinkle!
I keep it out all year round. I've had it for two years and this is my eighth wearing. Not bad for a $19.99 skirt.

One of my favourite "shoulder season" coats, this is a US-made vintage-inspired cloth coat (a wool blend).
 It's lined in heavy black satin, and it has pockets on the side seams. I love the fit-and-flare shape of it - it worked perfectly over my outfit. It's also destined to be a long-term favourite. I paid $16.95 for it two years ago.

The stuff:
 I'm a big fan of these shoes - they're leather and very comfortable. I love a t-strap! They still have the $10.00 price written on the bottom from the St. Vincent de Paul.

Black bling:
The belt is Shi Studios, as is the buckle - I bought them separately. The leather belt is the most expensive thing I'm wearing - I think it was around $80.00 - I bought it directly from the Studio during an Open House in 2009, first seen here with the original buckle, which I still have (I still have that black skirt too).

  • Belt - Shi Studios
  • Buckle - Shi Studios, thrifted
  • Necklace - swap from Vero
  • Onyx/silver ring - Tocarra, vintage fair
  • Crystal/silver ring - Soul Flower
  • Earrings - thrifted

First wearing of this new-to-me necklace I got from Vero at the last Winesday. You can see I knotted the chain once to shorten it slightly.


  1. I adore all the gorgeous textures in this outfit. Can't believe the shoes you manage to find -- these look new!

    1. Thank you, Cynthia! I know, I lucked out on those ones! They are amazing, and looked barely worn when I got them, years ago.

  2. Almost forgot -- Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a fabulous day tomorrow :)

  3. Happy Birthday for tomorrow, Sheila! We'll both be in the 52 club for the next eight weeks!
    That shirt looks wonderful on and perfect with the pleated skirt, the belt is a stunner, I can totally understand why you splashed out on it all those years ago! xxx

    1. Thanks so much, Vix! We shall be old broads together. :)

      Thank you! I was really happy with this outfit, and liked wearing the belt again (it's been a couple of years, I think). Worth every penny.

  4. Hope you have a very happy birthday! I love how despite being monochromatic it's still so you with the texture and print! :) It's a beautiful skirt. I also really like your scarf! I had one similar. I say had as I have a missing bag of scarves as well as a box of belts after our move!

    1. Yes, we don't have to be boring with our monochromatic outfits, do we, Mica? Thank you! Aw, you lost a bag of scarves too?? That really sucks!

  5. Now that is a Classy outfit with a capital "C", Sheila. I'm totally loving the symphony of greys. The belt is absolutely gorgeous, and well worth the higher price. And how absolutely lovely to see that stunner of a coat again. I'm always swooning over it. Hope you have a most wonderful birthday tomorrow. Aw, you're still such a young 'un. I'm feeling positively old compared to you. xxx

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Ann! I'm so glad I hauled the belt out - it's been ages since I wore it, feels like. I know, I love that coat so much - what a steal it was.

      52 doesn't feel young, but I feel young at heart! :) Thank you!

  6. Happy Birthday sweet Sheila! YOU look fantastic per usual. Love your specs!

  7. What a beautiful look! I adore this outfit, love the skirt! Happy old years eve, as we say here on the night before your birthday!

    1. Thank you so much, Nancy! Oh, I love that, "old year's eve". Although now it's my actual birthday, so you made it. :)

  8. Oh gosh, I looked at the post of the belt when you first bought it. Hah, that is a different Sheila. On the other hand it is still you.
    I chuckled when I read that the zipper is open and hidden by the belt. If I do that, it will come peeping from under my belt and put me to shame.
    Lovely outfit.

    1. I know, right?? So long ago! Still me, but 10 years ago!

      Well, my weight fluctuates by 5-10lbs here and there, so that zipper has to accommodate me! What better way to hide it! The belt's backside is suede, so it gripped the fabric well, and stopped the open zipper from poking out.

      Thank you, Greetje! Mwah, back to you!

  9. Happy birthday!!!
    I love the look of your swingy twirly pleated skirt!!! Your entire outfit looks fabulous,
    and you look young and fabulous modelling it!
    I hope all of your birthday wishes come true!!!

    1. Thank you, PB! I loved this outfit. Aw, that's so sweet, I very much appreciate it.

  10. Happy Birthday! You're a decade younger than me (Nov. '57).

  11. What a great outfit! I love that skirt. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Wishing you an awesome birthday week and month!!

  12. I'm 4 days late, but still wishing you a very Happy Birthday! 52? Bah, I will always be older than you ;)

  13. Hi Shiela,
    I love how your celebrating your birthday with a celebration week.
    I also enjoy wearing a monotone outfit and only really started doing so this year. X


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