Thursday, October 16, 2014

What I Like: Fall Looks, Part 2 - The Accents

I'm taking a little break - it's been over 6 years since I started this blog and I need a rest. However, I wouldn't leave y'all in the lurch, so I've lined up a few little posts (including a Shoe Shine and my birthday link-up party) to keep you amused until I'm back. 

And I will be back, I promise!

For the second year in a row (first time here, past Officer Vizzini), I bought the big fat September fashion magazines, and tore out all the pages that inspired me. I shuffled them all together, laid them out on the carpet and analyzed what I liked. 

Badass Attitude
I like the bigass and I like the badass, mostly because for most of my life I was too scared to be either. I would love to stroll about like an Edwardian pirate (but I'd settle for those McQueen boots) - lace, velvet and drama.

I love the crazy hats and trains in the middle picture, but I love the badass vintage babe in the centre more - more ladies with lines, please!

On the right, gotta love the plaid, the little booties and the red lippy. I love the punk attitude.

It's Easy Being Green
Everything green, all the things. Big wide belts, curvy jackets, a long sweeping olive skirt (I do believe I have one of those).

Snakeskin skirt, leopard toppers, python boots (and I'll take the leather dress, thanks).

Check, I've had my OTK (remember when we called them OTK?) boots for years - they're even in green! I would be thrilled to find a girly floral boot, but am just as happy with my Doc Martens.

Embrace the Cray-Cray
A furry bag - will springbok do? An impossible heel? How about these? Those shoes on the right are so 80s I could die. Shoe clips!

The Scarf Thing and the One Earring Thing
I like the long skinny scarf hanging down, and the scarf-instead-of-necklace. I love the single earring look, and have been working it for a few weeks. It works with my uneven hair!

And what about you, dear readers? Could you get on board the trendy train with any of these accents? What will you try?


  1. I need that pale green asymmetrical jacket!

  2. I LOVE the impossible heels, but will never again be able to wear them because of a stupid foot ailment called Morton's Neuroma". But I WILL do the one earring thing because I have lost one from a very FABULOUS set that Mr. DJB gifted me last year...I was SO sad about that misfortune, but you have inspired me to wear the remaining earring SOLO! (wish I could post a picture here)

  3. Animalistic and scarves are all I need :)
    Hope you are enjoying you blog vacations.

  4. Please come back soon!!1 I will miss you. But I can believe that you need a well deserved break after 6 beautiful years!!! Cheers right back at you.

  5. want a closet full of green!!!
    and i love that bold 80´s attitude! thank you for that post! xxxx


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