Saturday, July 11, 2009

Casual Friday - Creamsicle

The first of my swap items makes an appearance today (the full swap post will be today or tomorrow), my new-to-me khakis:
I have not owned a pair of khakis in oh, about 20 years. I put them with my good ol' orange t-shirt/cami combo and my groovy summer wedge sneakers. The funny thing about grabbing these in the swap is that these were actually my friend Caro's!

The stuff:
I think of most of these things as my summer accessories. The shoes have just this summer left, as the soles are peeling off (they are not very good quality).

L and I went out for Thai food for dinner after work, so I changed a bit:
Black skirt for the pants, tie belt from my painty skirt, black flower flip-flops.

I love Thai food, but it's easy to eat too much. My trick is that I skip the white rice altogether - it's just a sauce delivery system, and with that full-fat coconut milk in Thai curries, you know too much can't be good for you, no matter how good it tastes!

We had yum nua (barbecued beef salad with lettuce, mint, cucumber, red onion, tomatoes, green onion and a chili/lime dressing - spicy!), chicken cashew (loads of veggies, chicken and duh...cashews, a big WW points splurge, but so good), and prawn curry (bamboo shoots, loads of jumbo prawns, red and green peppers, onions, in red curry). We walked to town and back to enjoy the sunny warm evening, so I treated myself to a Singha beer. Wonderful!

Here's to the weekend!

T-shirt (InWear), cami (Mexx), pants (Old Navy, swapped), shoes (Gotta Flurt), belt (Nepean), earrings (vacation last summer), wood bracelet (Caracol). On 2nd outfit: skirt (Club Monaco, consignment), scarf/belt tie (Nine West, from a skirt), shoes (unknown, brand worn off).


  1. Hi Sheila,

    I love that orange top and the way you mixed it up for the evening. Just popping over for quick look-see. Good to see your cute outfits the last couple of days. Crazy busy here. Take care, hope things are well.

  2. Great outfit Sheila. I particularly like the shoes. What a shame the sole is peeling!
    Couldn't agree more with you about eating Thai, which seems to be the most popular Aussie Asian Food. I too, always try to skip the rice!
    Am in California now, so experiencing some summer!

  3. Great trousers. They really suit you.

  4. Thanks, Alison! I felt really good in the oranges. Hope you're doing well too!

    Thanks, Sue! Yeah, I'd prefer my shoes to last a while, so I'll go for better quality when I replace these. Happy summer to you in CA!

    Thanks so much, Jane.

  5. Love both versions of the outfit. Especially love the orange earrings. Are they wood?

  6. Thanks, Lain! Yes, those are wood earrings.

  7. You have great fashion sense.!! I really love your styles. That orange top and black skirt make a great outfit.


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