Friday, August 15, 2008

Consignment Week: Casual Friday - Plaid Miss

Plaid blouse (Roxy, consignment), denim vest (Bisou Bisou, Michelle Bohbot, consignment), brown suit skirt (Kenzie), pink wedges (Kenzie), blue bag (The Bay), wood bracelet & earrings.
I like the mix of formality of the skirt with the almost surfer chick pink and blue plaid with pearl snaps of the the shirt. The vest gives the shirt some shape, since it's pretty boxy.

The shoes are probably one of the girliest things I own...yeah, they don't really go. I think I should have gone with the straw and brown ones. Dammit. That'd be a miss.

Oh well. It's Friday!


  1. I LIKED the shoes with this outfit. Especially the ultra-cute non-fitted (but you couldn't tell) blouse.

  2. I'm still feeling "meh" on the shoes. I might have to dump them.


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