Monday, August 18, 2008

Black and Fuscia - A Small Continuation of Consignment Week

Tie-front black cardigan (Vero Moda), multi-coloured patterned blouse (consignment), black shadow-stripe pencil skirt (InWear), black sling backs (Naturalizer), silver bracelet & earrings (Fossil).
This blouse is from the consignment shop of last weekend - I'd put together outfits for all of the things I got and made a total of 6 outfits, so this one's the leftover. I was going to do it with a grey pencil skirt, but I'm feeling iffy about that particular skirt right now, so went with the black one instead.


  1. I'm a big fan of this look for work.

    You seem to have very similar tastes in fit to my girlfriend - focusing on a high midpoint, below the bust and above the waist.

    The above-waist belting I'm seeing you do really does go a long way, especially when it's hard to find clothes that are tailored "right".

  2. Hey, Tristan, good to see you! :) I tend to belt at my actual waist (since the belts all seem to want to go there). I'm really careful of the empire waist - the just under the bust point - because it makes me look pregnant. It works for many women, though, and it does make the legs look really long.

    Your girlfriend sounds like a classy gal. :)


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