Monday, December 11, 2017

Space Pants, Star Wars, and Poky Bits

Hello, and happy Monday! I've had this outfit planned for a while, but today seemed like the perfect day for it. 
 Flats, a loose sweater and comfy pants. Comfy GOLD LEATHER PANTS, y'all.

  • Sweater - J. Crew, thrifted; last seen here (2nd outfit) in April on a shopping weekend
  • Leather pants - Free People, Portland; first worn here (2nd outfit) in October with teal silk
  • Shoes - "I Know" Star Wars Collection, Irregular Choice; last seen here for Star Wars Day in May
  • Coat (below) - Hilary Radley, thrifted; last worn here on the weekend

This outfit felt utterly "me".
I love this bright blue wool sweater - it's a mullet hem, longer in the back. I have a long camisole under it, both for warmth and to quell butt crackalackin' from the elastic back of the pants pulling down when I bend over.

Space Pants! The pants are indeed leather, fully lined - and they have nice easy pockets. They are stretching out a bit now - leather does that, conforms to your body shape and becomes even more comfy to wear.
Shiny gold and comfortable? Oh yeah, baby!

Outerwear. I look odd because I'm talking to Vizzini. Do you see him?

Look below my hand...

  • Fur toque/scarf - Danier
  • Wool gloves - vintage, thrifted

There he is! Vizzini, what are you doing there?
"I know you carry your shoes in this bag."
He's trying to keep me from leaving. He hates Mondays, after having us all weekend.

The stuff:
I am so excited about the new Star Wars movie coming out this week! I'm going to wait a bit until I see it, but it will be soon! I won't wear these "I Know" shoes to a theatre, though - it might wreck the soles (pic here). I never wear them outdoors.

Poky bling:
I always think of this bracelet and earring set as Christmassy, but it's actually different stars, a compass point and a snowflake, all from the Metropolitan Museum of Art's collection. I bought them in NYC ten years ago, in the Met gift shop - I first showed them on the blog here in June 2009. The bracelet is actually somewhat painful to wear - those points are sharp!

  • Bracelet/earrings - Metropolitan Museum of Art gift shop, 2007
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes


  1. Vizzini!! He looks very startled today! Maybe it's that unsafe ocelot you're wearing?
    How incredible are those space pants? Incredibly incredible. I love them. You couldn't get a more perfect pair of shoes to wear them with than Star Wars loafers (another of Jon's loves, I've never seen any of them!)
    The spiky jewellery is very cool.
    Are you a fellow shortie? I thought you were tall! I'm 5' 3" (and a bit). xxx

    1. He is Mr. Bigeyes - always looking at you with his huge eyes, very starey cat.
      What? No Star Wars?? Jon needs to convert you, at least to the original trilogy!
      I'm 5'4" - I photograph myself from a slightly lower angle and it makes me look taller.

  2. Those Free People leather pants in gold are amazing. Love the combo of the gold with that stunning shade of blue! Love the shoes too, and Vizzini is adorable, boycotting your leave!
    xoxo, Elle

    1. Thank you! I really loved wearing this. Isn't my boy so cute? Too bad he's so evil!

  3. Gold trousers and bright blue sweater ? Could this be any cooler ? Well, yes add the loafers... I LOVE IT-

  4. Love the space pants, and you had me laughing out loud at "butt crackalackin'". Ouch! Your electric blue sweater works really well with it, as do the shoes. Aw, Vizzini! Looks like butter wouldn't melt ... xxx

    1. Thanks, Ann! If you can't be silly, what's the point, right? Vizzini is nothing but trouble, I tell ya.

  5. "quell butt crackalackin" 🤣
    You need to patent that lol!!!
    Thank you for making me crack up on a dreary Tuesday haha!

    1. Hee! You can say you read it here first. Thank you so much for reading!

  6. I love your gold leather pants! Vizzini is so cute sitting on your shoe bag. What fab shoes those are...

    1. Thank you, Veronica! My old kitty Inigo used to sit on my bag like that - it's weird to see Vizzini doing it.

  7. You are stylish and HILARIOUS, always keepin' it fresh. So it's called a mullet hem, when it's longer in the back - makes sense! Good thing Vizzini is gorgeous, since he only ever wears that one single outfit. Thanks for the share :)

    1. Thanks, Julie! Mullet hem, mullet skirts, all from mullet hair! Vizzini knows it, little bugger. Thanks for reading!


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