Monday, December 4, 2017

Dragonscale, and the First Polar Bear

Ah, Monday, my old foe. It was a busy, busy day today. Good thing I wore my armour again - this time it's dragonscale.
 I am of course referring to my silk skirt, made up of dozens of serged circles, all a dragon's scales!

  • Sweater - Lord & Taylor, thrifted; last seen here (3rd outfit) for Winesday in November 2015 
  • Skirt - Strawberry Jill, thrifted; purchased here on the weekend for $18.95
  • Shoes - Tod's, thrifted; last worn here in March with leopard and wine
  • Coat (below) - Apparence, vintage 80s, thrifted; last seen here in March

 I'm shocked that I haven't worn this sweater in over 2 years, but also not really surprised. I wasn't into brown too much last year, so it's been languishing in my closet, waiting for my fickle favour to once again fall upon it.

It's merino wool and very fine quality. I bought it in December 2009, thrifted for around $12.00, and first wore it here in January 2010 - nearly 8 years ago! Ha, and I called it Banana Republic then, and I've also been mislabeling it as Club Monaco, when it clearly says Lord & Taylor. I should probably pay closer attention to labels.
 The skirt is the real schtar of the outfit. I realized when wearing it (it likes to rotate around my hips) that there are no seams on it, which means that all those discs were sewn to the shape of the dress - it wasn't a pattern that was cut out. Amazing.

Outerwear! You know it, you love it, the Unsafe Polar Bear has returned!
 I adore this fuzzy coat, and have had it for years. One of my friends - giggling at me crossing the street one night shortly after I first wore it - said, "Don't listen to the Unsafe Polar Bear!" And ever since then, I am the Unsafe Polar Bear when I wear it. You shouldn't listen to me - I am unsafe.

  • Fur toque/scarf/leather gloves - Danier Leather

The stuff:
 These are very comfortable shoes for having that big of a heel.

Brass bling:
Lots of stuff to balance the visual weight of the skirt.

  • Necklace - Nygard, consignment
  • "Nevermore" cuff - Jezebel Charms, gift from L
  • Brass cuff - vintage late 60s, Mom's
  • Amber ring - c. 1996
  • Spinner ring - Twang & Pearl
  • Ear-balls - Dior


  1. Someone put a whole lot of time and effort into making that skirt - dragon scales indeed! I like the look of the Tod's sandals worn with the rust coloured tights. I like layering socks or tights with open toed shoes.

    1. I know - it's boggling how detailed it is! Thanks! The toe-showing thing is new-ish to me.

  2. That is such a stunning skirt, it makes sense you made it the star of the outfit by picking pieces that compliment it so well without overpowering it. It's lovely on you Sheila.

  3. Wow! This outfit is amazing, Sheila! The skirt is fabulous and looks great with that sweater, tights and shoes. Love the jewellery too. Oh, and love the unsafe polar bear coat too! Haha :) XXX

  4. That skirt is incredible, I love it even more now it's silk, it must move beautifully. Love those super cool peep toe platforms and the Unsafe Polar Bear coat and yes, and the cuffs too - damn it, I love it all! xxx

    1. It's fairly stiff, due to all the layers of the circles. Aren't the shoes cool? Tod's! Ha, good thing you are on the other side of the ocean, Vix!

  5. That skirt looks fantastic on you, Sheila, and you paired it fabulously with that brown sweater and your brass bling! Love the peep toes too! The Unsafe Polar Bear looks like the most comfortable coat ever! xxx

    1. Thank you, Ann! I love the Polar Bear - it's marvelous.

  6. Looked great on the hangar, and even better on you!

  7. Oh, just glorious! That skirt is swoon-worthy, the whole outfit the perfect balance.

  8. Exquisite skirt and I love that necklace with the brown jumper. Fab!!

  9. Oh you're already wearing the new skirt ! I have to admit that I wondered how it would look and it looks really good!

  10. Solid tights with a peep toe in winter?? You nailed it - what a master! The shape/color of the shoes compliments the skirt so well, I remain ever impressed! You charm me <3


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