Monday, July 17, 2017

Statement Skirt and Shiny Things, Plus Cat Pics

For it being a Monday, I actually felt quite chipper today. We're coming into my slow time of year, which I always treasure. 
 I also treasure this skirt - it's a keeper!

  • Top - Gap, thrifted; last worn here (3rd outfit) in April for a downtown jaunt
  • Skirt - Maeve, thrifted; last seen here in April with the jelly-deer sweater
  • Shoes - Portia, thrifted; first worn here in June with a backwards top

 I have been going through my closet in anticipation of clearing out a bunch of stuff I haven't been wearing much/at all, and it's causing to me to want to wear the stuff I really love, like this gorgeous skirt.

I like how it went with the sparkly top.
 And because I wanted to wear these comfy shoes again, I needed a lot of bright shiny bling up at my face.

And a hat for the sun!
 I forgot to take my hat picture until I was just about to leave, so you're treated to my everyday runners.

The stuff:
 So. Much. Shiny!! These shoes were even better on their second wear.

Silver bling:
 Lots of vintage. I pinned the three brooches askew at my neckline instead of wearing a necklace. Why wear a necklace when three brooches will do?

  • Pinwheel brooch (centre) - Sarah Coventry, vintage fair
  • All silver brooch (left) - Pastelli, vintage 60s, Grandma J's
  • Blue stone brooch (right) and earring (centre) - vintage 60s, vintage fair
  • Leaf bracelet - some junky store in PR
  • Silver/stone bracelet - Coro, vintage 70s?, Mom's
  • Pearl earring - thrifted
  • Lapis lazuli ring/Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes
It was a lot of bling, but sometimes you just have to pile it on. 

Last night, while I was writing my weekend post, Vizzini hopped up on my lap. 

"I'll just sit right here. You go ahead and try to use the keyboard."
 He doesn't stay for long, but I treasure his visits.
"Ah, yes, that's the spot. Less typing, more petting."
Such a pretty boy!


  1. Wow, that's a glam outfit, and those brooches are amazing! Happy Monday.

  2. I absolutely love the idea of wearing brooches instead of a necklace! They look great like that on the neckline.

    Xxx Sasha

    1. Thanks, Sasha! I didn't originate the idea, but I'm happy to pass along the inspiration!

  3. Love, love your style and your kitty, Vizzini! He reminds me of my Fred. Maybe we can arrange a play date! ;)

    1. Thank you, rosebud! Heh, Vizzini is a monster - he'd traumatize Fred!

  4. That is such a pretty skirt - floofy, full skirts are my favourite. My cat is not a lap cat at all; he loves to be pet and his belly rubbed, but he never sits on my lap which is ok, but there are times when it's nice to have a cat-in-the-lap.

    1. I know, me too! There is something so freakin' girly about them. Vizzini is the lappiest cat we've had, and it's so nice. More cat pics from you, please!

  5. I love the brooches for some added sparkle to your sparkly top! And you know I admire that skirt :) Vizzini is so cute.

  6. Indeed a great skirt and great shoes. And don't take my comments as just flattery, I am renowned for my honesty (not always appreciated...). So nice to see Vizzini again.

  7. Yep, the skirt is a keeper ! and I love the brooches, this outfit looks like me. You know what I mean ?

    1. Oh, yes, I was thinking of you when I wore it! Very you!

  8. What a great and stellar outfit to start the week out with a splash. Really enjoyed the great photos of Vizzini. Thanks for all the inspiration and joy you share.

    1. Thanks so much, Chalotalo! Aw, that's really sweet. :)

    2. You just wait until I say that something is not my taste ... because that is what it always is if you don't like something. Just not your taste that's all.

  9. So lovely to see this skirt again Sheila. It's a favourite of mine too, must be the orange. And the shiny shoes, and the shiny bling - oh what joy x

    Just for the record, I'm a dog person, not a cat lover but sometimes Vizzine does look adorable - like today x



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