Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Perfectly Pink Professional, and a Flop-Cat

We're in for a glorious week of nice warm temps (low 20s, high 70s). This is the kind of summer weather I can handle and not swelter in regular clothes.
 Blazer time! I had to wear this lovely pink jacket immediately. Stat!

  • Jacket - Brooks Brothers, thrifted; purchased here for $32.95
  • Cami - thrifted, not tracked
  • Skirt - Club Monaco, thrifted; last worn here in April with two-toned boots
  • Shoes - Miista; last seen here with purple velvet and birds in May

 L and I had an appointment after work and I wanted to look professional and not too wacky. Well, aside from the purple hair thing going on, which is strongly verging into magenta pink as it's overdue for a colouring. I love the classic style of this lovely jacket. I know it's not terribly exciting, but hey, it's that perfect shade of pink that I've been wanting to find in a blazer forever, and this one fits me better than the last one (maybe you remember this one?)
 I really liked how well it went with this crackle-patterned skirt. I probably could have done a heel and REALLY looked professional.

But I think you know what I say to that...
Forget that stuff! Only not "forget" and not "stuff." Heh.

The [real] stuff:
 Lovely comfy shoes! That is where my heart lies. I did briefly consider heels, to be honest, but I had some walking to do today, and nah...

Pink and blue bling:
 All my most expensive jewels - I'm such a hoity-toity lady!

  • Pink crystal set - Sherman, vintage 60s, vintage fair
  • Lapis lazuli ring and Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes

Last night, Vizzini disappeared on us. We keep our deck curtains closed until the sun is down to try to keep our place from overheating. I peeked behind the curtain and who did I see?
"That's a stupid question, Woman. Obviously, it's me."
Flop-Cat! Caught him mid-meow there!

I got in for a closer look.
"Unless you have treats, you can get off my deck now."
Yup, it's way too hot out there!


  1. mwhaha, love that you decided to wear your comfy shoes, as they look fabulously matchy and cool!, also love your skirt, such an awesome print!
    Lovely outfit and you look really 'professional' but still yourself!
    Love when cats enjoy all their floppiness!


    1. Yup, had to start the week off comfy, no choice there. Thank you - I felt very grown up, ha ha!

      I know, I love when Vizzini is all floppy. So cute!

  2. This cute jacket illustrates a point I learned only in middle-age: that a jacket, like most women's clothing, looks extra-feminine and attractive when it cinches in the waist by a belt or its design. The effect is subliminal; I doubt any man can put his finger on it but all instantly recognize the effect. It's ironic for me to say this to you because for years you kept advising me to wear belts for this reason. My only defense is sometimes we're not ready to "hear" advice and then when we are, it arrives like thunder. Your style-suggestions to me have always been right on target, whether I was smart enough to listen to them or not. (Now I do!)

    1. Belted jackets really accentuate the waist! Aw, no worries, hon. You've learned so much and you're looking great. :)

  3. Oh I can see why you would want to wear that jacket immediately, it fits beautifully.
    Look at that crazy cat !

    1. Thank you! That's why I bought it, even though it's not a super-inspiring piece - it is such a good fit.

      I know, look at that cute face!

  4. Yes, you looked formal, professional, but still very stylish and utterly you, my dear!

    Anna x


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