Monday, October 24, 2016

Winged Leopard

I'm so predictable - the first Monday after my tattoo and - what a shocker - I'm wearing this blouse again!
It's really the best thing I own for not touching the fresh ink, and also for showing the new tattoo off to my coworkers. When I have my "wings" on, I've probably had new work done.

  • Blouse - Alfani, thrifted; last seen here in September...for the first Monday after my last tattoo work!
  • Skirt - Lord & Taylor; first worn here in June with a fluffy sweater
  • Shoes - Miista; first worn here (2nd outfit) with a purple dress earlier this month
  • Leather trenchcoat (below) - vintage 70s, thrifted

I probably should have tucked the top in - that blouse-y effect isn't the best (the bottom of the blouse is elasticated).

How much do I care?
Yeah, not much. I did love wearing this wonderful fuzzy leopard skirt again, though. It's like wearing a stuffed animal.

It was chilly this morning and I hate being cold. More furry accessories!
The toque and circle scarf are woven rabbit fur - I got them on clearance at Danier Leather last year. I love them! So soft and warm.

The stuff:
Great golden shoes of goodness!

Simple bling:
I loved wearing this bracelet all day - this is the first wearing of it.

  • Bracelet - J. Crew
  • Earrings (mismatched) - various gifts from L


  1. I am so impressed....tattoos totally scare me!It is the thought of the pain!

    1. Thanks, L! It only hurts during (which you can prepare yourself for, mentally and physically) and for a few hours after. It doesn't hurt at all now!

    2. If you love your tattoo idea and trust your artist, the rest of the process is completely manageable, in my mind. That said, I think placement really affects the healing process and how long the new tattoo will remain tender.

      Sheila, I'm glad to hear that you're healing up quickly!

    3. Thanks, velma - yes, it's not like you're caught by surprise. Yes, of course, it's going to hurt! But when you know that (like when going to the dentist), you can be ready. Placement, the type of tattoo, the size...all those affect the amount of pain you'll be putting yourself through. But it's worth it! I hope yours is healing up well too!

  2. I'm loving the wing blouse, and the bracelet would have been something I picked up too. xxx

    1. Thank you! I know, such a cool, bold piece. I had to have it!

  3. I would say you're not predictable... I can never even imagine what you'll be wearing ;)
    When I go to the beach and get a sunburn (a true rarity these days) I usually show up to work with a soft ample cotton dress, so I can only begin to imagine how you need to wear something that keeps you comfortable through the pain, luckily you have this cool blouse.

    1. Aw, thanks, Lorena! The tattoo doesn't hurt now, but I need to protect it from getting bumped. I also need to keep it covered up so that I don't pick at it while it's healing.

  4. Lovely blouse and the golden brogues are fab! yes, I'm too much of a coward for a tattoo, too!

    You do look cosy in all your outerwear.

    Have a great week


    1. Thanks, Veronica! Tattoos aren't that bad - you do have to prepare yourself for them. It's not like the pain is unexpected, ha ha!

  5. I'm really pleased to see this blouse again as I love the colour so much as well as those beautiful sleeves. And for what it's worth, I think the way you're wearing it today is fine for a blouson effect. The bronze shoes are fab, obviously my dear.
    Thanks for the advice on not only yellow bird legs (which I may still try) but also about the fox fur. Will probably brave this in the height of the winter. Can feel a really good defensive rant building up in readiness for it! Love ya!

    1. I love it too, and it really is the best for post-ink! Thanks, Anna, I spent the whole weekend eating everything in sight, so wasn't feeling great about myself.

      I like yellow legs, but those are the comments I always get! I think you should just wear the fur and too bad what anyone thinks. I bet no one will say "boo."


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