Friday, October 7, 2016

Two-Fer: Thursday Worky-Work, and Funky Friday

Miss me? On Thursday, my company had its annual global meeting, which I had to dash to after my WW meeting, which included my annual performance review with my WW boss. It was a whirlwind! 
Hence, the very corporate look. Well, the tights are a little on the wild side, but I have to maintain some "Sheila" in this, right?

  • Blouse - Sears, vintage 80s, thrifted; purchased here for $6.95
  • Dress - Comrags, thrifted; last seen here in March for my 5-year company anniversary
  • Shoes - Guess; last worn here way back here in November 2015
  • Raincoat (below) - Parkhurst, thrifted; purchased here for $17.21

I only wore this dress once after purchasing it (thrifted as a "boutique" item for $45.95) due to it being quite a thick woven wool. I wore it sleeveless and didn't find it very comfy under the arms (it's another garment with no stretch). It's also fully lined, so it was just too hot for summer. I was enchanted with being able to wear it again!

I really liked it layered with one of my vintage 80s "secretary" blouses. It just felt wonderful, and who doesn't love a fit and flare dress?
They are just so flattering!

Thursday was full of wind and rain warnings, so I dressed appropriately. This is my first wearing of my thrifted raincoat - isn't it snazzy? It's a baby blue, purple and black plaid.
My bowler has had a zillion wears. Bowlers rule. The tights were thrifted, new in the package still, and are by Anthropolgie. I only paid $6.95 for them - they were tagged at $22.00.

The stuff:
I can't believe it's been 11 months since I last wore these shoes! And I had them out all summer, oh the shame. I've had them forever (maybe 7 years?) and they're probably the most basic, classic shoes I own.

Black bling:
I got home quite late, and happy after a few glasses of wine with my colleagues. Forgive the blurriness.

  • Belt - Nygard
  • Necklace (jet and rhinestones) - Grandma J's, vintage 60s
  • Spider earrings - can't remember
  • Spider ring - gift from Mom & Dad, c. 1986
  • Snake ring - Royal BC Museum gift shot c. 1985

It's October! Time to break out my spooky jewelry!

Today was a little slow getting started. This weekend is Thanksgiving in Canada, so it was dead at the office - that was very much welcomed.
I hadn't planned an outfit for today, so I threw this together in the morning in a few minutes. When in doubt, wear a dress!

  • Dress - Max & Co.; last seen here in February with tall boots
  • Shoes - Miista; purchased here for $114.00
  • Coat (below) - Vassalli, consignment; purchased here in November 2012 for $72.00

I bought this dress in Florence, Italy two years ago - it's made in Italy of Italian-woven fabric. I love the shiny gold over the purple and teal - it's a very rich and thick fabric. It doesn't quite stand on its own (like the bark skirt) but it's that same stiffness. And coincidentally, it's another item with no spandex in it.

Purple back, purple legs. No way am I over the coloured tight thing just yet.
This was a lovely outfit for wearing today.

I am having fun matching my outerwear to my outfits, and since I've rarely tracked my outerwear, it's been interesting to look back at when/where I got them, and how much I paid.
At the time I purchased this coat, even on consignment, $72.00 was a chunk to spend on it. It's made of velvet (the black solid parts) and wool (woven and see-through over the cream satin parts).
It's lined in the cream satin and has hidden pockets on the sides. I like how it's sort of mismatched-looking. The back comes down in a point as well.

The stuff:
New shoe review: Fabulous! is the verdict. These were wonderfully comfy to wear, and the leather softened up over the day substantially.

Bronze bling:
As I mentioned, I'm breaking out my seasonal accessories.

  • Belt - Plum
  • Anatomical heart necklace - local, gift from L
  • "Nevermore" raven cuff - Jezebel Charms, gift from L
  • Earrings - local, first wear

Tonight, L and I are off to our friend Greg's place for his birthday celebration, which is the first of FOUR birthdays this weekend...including mine on Sunday!

I will be a whopping 49 years old - and my promise to myself as I enter into my 50th year is to live it to the fullest, celebrate every moment I can, and do things that make me happy. It's going to be a heckuva year!

Happy weekend, everyone, and Happy Turkey Day to my Canadian friends! I'll be back on Monday.


  1. Love the Italian dress, and always love your coloured tights. Inspiring!

  2. I hope you have a very happy birthday on Sunday Sheila!

    I really like both these outfits - a dress is a great go-to and the red blouse in the first outfit and purple tights in the second are great ways to add more colour. Hope all your reviews went well, I'm sure they would have :)

    1. Thank you, Mica! Yes, all reviews went well as the outfits, ha ha!

  3. just threw this one in 2 minutes- this is why I love you! The blue dress, gold shoes, and plum tights is fabulous!
    Loving, too the black wool dress, ( is it a pattern, jacquard?) with the red blouse and cool patterned tights! Love the rainwear too!
    You are such fun to follow, I also love that those black kitten heels are your most basic pair on you, a woman after my own heart!
    Happy Happy!
    xx, Elle

    1. I just didn't want to think too hard about it, Elle, ha! Aw, thank you for following - I do appreciate it.

  4. and Happy Birhtday! I have found my fifties to be a great decade so far, something tells me you will too. ! :)))
    xx, Elle

  5. I'll start at the end and say well done with your positive mindset for your 50th year - that's a great way to set the ball in motion. Happy Birthday for Sunday too!
    The black fit and flare dress does indeed fit like a dream. And I do so love those Anthro tights! I've got two whole plastic tubs of coloured/patterned tights which come out every winter regardless of whether they're in fashion or not. I love 'em so I wear 'em. Your little raincoat is rather sweet Sheila, so does it keep you dry too? Good to catch up again x

    1. I hope it all goes well, but I figure if I go in positive, it will work out that way. I love my patterned and coloured tights - they are so fun. No, actually, the coat did not keep me dry in heavy rain. I was quite disappointed. Thanks, Anna!

  6. Happy birthday for Sunday, Sheila. I hope you have a lovely day.

    Love both outfits. I wore a dress with a blouse underneath this week, too! I loved the gold bronze brogues, the plaid coat and the very unusual coat with the pointed hem/.You do find some amazing things.

    Have a fab weekend


  7. Happy birthday! A light heart lives long.

  8. Both outfits are fantastic. You look very good in them. Max and Co is a very good high brow Italian brand which I love. I admire you for your styling talent Sheila, I really do.
    PS did the annual performance review go well? Oh I am sure it did.

    1. Yes, the performance review went well, thank you - and thank you for your kind words re: the outfits. Yes, I liked that store - I would shop there again. Thanks, Greetje!

  9. Happy birthday!! 49 is so fabulous, I think you'll love it. Looking awesome in both these dresses and I love the tights. xo


  10. I love that black dress and the raincoat is fabulous!! Have a super weekend

  11. I am in full on seasonal accessory (and attire) mode right now, too. I always adore dressing for the seasons, but none more so than my beloved autumn.

    Awesome looks one and all, dear Shelia. The first one is my absolute fave of the bunch. Those patterned tights are spectular!

    Happiest birthday wishes to you, my friend! I hope that you have an amazing, fun filled and very enjoyable celebration and year ahead!

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  12. Oh, I like Thursday's outfit very much, especially those amazing tights! xxx

  13. Tights on the wild side??? Heck no, they are glorious and perfect with the fit and flare dress. The one great thing about Autumn is wearing of coloured tights although I am putting them off to the last minute!
    Happy birthday for yesterday. I hope you had a fabulous day and wishing you much joy and happiness in the year to come. I'm still getting my head around hitting the big 50 back in June. I swear I'm still 35 really!

    1. Ha, you're so right - they are awesome, and who cares about being conservative anyway? Thank you for the birthday wish! I swear, I haven't aged a bit since 35! Ha!

  14. Hooray for your birthday! You will continue to look fabulous and I doubt that your niece was embarrassed- hahaha! You are most definitely the "cool" aunt. I thought of you recently when I purchased a red leather jacket at Goodwill. It's in great condition and soo soft. I don't know that I would have gone for it if it hadn't been for your fabulous outfits! I'll be 47. Not far behind and looking forward to 50!

    About your contacts and the difficulty with near vision. This is completely normal. Your glasses should be changed to a bifocal or progressive lens. There will be plenty of days when you aren't interested in dealing with contacts. When you go back, they'll discuss monovison, bifocal, or progressive with you. I was an optician for several years...several years ago. I don't know how well the tech has progressed with them but most people were able to adapt to monovison more easily than the other versions. It's also less expensive. You'll have a prescription that targets near vision in one eye and distance vision in the other. Sometimes intermediate (arms' length) gets short shift. You really have to try it out for a few days and let your brain adapt. They want you to see so, keep going until you can!

    1. Alex, thank you so much for the explanation - I have done some reading online, so am prepared for this as well. I think the added flexibility of contacts will be a big bonus for me. Thank you for the birthday wishes! Your red leather jacket sounds FAB!

  15. I am wondering how many pieces of jackets/trenches/outer wear you have ? It seems like the collection is endless - how do you store them ? Its bad enough to make place for all the stuff already in the closet but I cannot imagine where you'd store these which of course are bulkier... #lorenawonderstoday

    1. Um, hang on, I'll count them. I have 17, not including specialty/party jackets (that would be about 20 total). They live in our hall closet, a really long, wide closet. Half is my coats, the other half is L's coats. We have a lot of storage in our condo.


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