Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tan, Purple and Paisley and Cat Pictures

I totally forgot to take my stair picture this morning, so I took it when I got home. It's been really dark in the mornings, so I've been trying to remember (without coffee!) to take them just before I leave. 
Sure. That will work.

  • Blouse - INC, consignment; last seen here (3rd outfit) in August for a picnic in the park
  • Skirt - Valentino (part of a suit), vintage 80s, thrifted; last worn here with magenta fringe in July
  • Boots - Libby Smith Bellevues, Fluevog; last seen here in December 2015 with all the colours
  • Leather trenchcoat (below) - vintage 70s, thrifted

Not a terribly exciting outfit - all my outfits this week are based around keeping my hands away from my now-flaking tattoo. Do. Not. Pick.

However, this silk blouse is a dream to wear - look how the pattern on the back is so perfectly centred!
And oh, this? This is my Valentino suit skirt. 100% wool, with pockets, made in Italy. Quality.

Sure, you can totally do hot pink with caramel.
Love it! I didn't need these fuzzy angora gloves or scarf by the end of the day, but they were very welcome in the morning.

The stuff:
My wonderful Winesday women bought me a gift certificate to Fluevog for my birthday, and I spent it tonight. There might be a new pair of purple Fluevogs in my future!

Bold bling:
Yup, a big necklace. It's so 3 years ago. 

  • Earrings - don't remember
  • Necklace - Banana Republic, consignment

Vizzini was being Captain Underfoot while I was digging around in my closet after work.  
"You're taking my picture? How dare you, Woman!"
He is lying near the closet door (where I stand for most of my pictures), lurking and hoping to get in the closet where he can wreak some havoc.
"I deny these accusations!"
He tries to fool me that he's not interested by being all cute and such.
"Look at this magnificent tum! You should pet me."
And when I do pet him, I get Lovey Eyes.
"Your petting is adequate."
You still can't go in my closet, bud.


  1. Those boots, are amazing! They look like Mui Mui! Love the shirt that looks like Etro, You are am amazing shopper!
    Great look, and your cats is the cutest, love that ss--sstretchhhhhh!
    XX, Elle

    1. Thanks, Elle! I've had them forever. I love the shirt too - it's really nice quality. Vizzini is the stretchiest!

  2. Well of course you can do hot pink with caramel! I love, love those boots! And look at Vizzini playing all innocent. I'm not fooled, though. xxx

    1. I know, like, why even ask? :) No, don't be fooled. Vizzini is rotten to the core!

  3. Ooooo, I do love a bit of paisley print and this is divine. And yes, how perfectly centred is that design on the back! The outfit excels in my view thanks to not only the blouse, but the totally wonderful boots. How amazing do they look with the pops of pink and your tan coat? Love this, all of it.
    Anna x

    1. I love paisley, but even more I love that it lines up so well. Ha, I was just thinking I might be getting tired of the boots. Maybe I just need to wear 'em more!

  4. Hot pink and caramel sure work well together.
    I am always admired at how you really look at all the details in clothing like how perfect the print on the silk blouse is.. it reminds me that quality is in the detail.

    1. And why not? :) It's in the details for sure. That's what I look for.

  5. Vizzini is so cute :) That is a really nice shirt too - it's the little details that make us appreciate our clothes more I think :)

    I wish I could still look so put together at the end of the day! Taking photos in the morning before I go out is a great way to remember to do so and it means I haven't spilled anything on my outfit yet. Usually ;)

    1. He is, but deadly! Thank you - yes, I love nice details on clothes. I much prefer doing my pictures in the mornings, but the light just sucks right now. I used to do them after work (way, way back), and I was often disheveled. :)


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