Sunday, July 17, 2016

Weekend Wrap-Up: Chartreuse Silk, Check Dress and Shopping

Ah, these weekends never feel long enough! Even though I look back through all the pictures and it seems like I did so much, I wish I still had move time. 
I guess I always feel like that - time is so precious!

  • Dress - Mary Jo Bruno, consignment; last worn here (2nd outfit) in June 2015 for a casual weekend
  • Shoes - Eject; last seen here a week ago with Armani denim

L and I went out on Friday night.
He's trying to decide which shoes to wear with his outfit
We used to go to a local pub (Swans) every Friday night for well over a decade; when the pub introduced music on Friday nights, we stopped going. We had a reunion of many of the old crowd - it' was so good to see them all!
I went full-on chartreuse theme for the occasion.

The stuff:
The little leather purse and the satin obi are both a dark olive green.

Blurry bling:
I felt very glam.

  • Purse - vintage, thrifted
  • Obi - thrifted
  • Earrings - vintage fair
  • Ring - consignment

On Saturday, we had an Ulti game. Here's what I wore to the field, after the game, out for brunch, and out for a wee shopping expedition.
Take a good gander - this is this dress' last wear.

  • Dress - Artistic Taste, thrifted; last seen here in July 2015 for Canada Day
  • Shoes - Born, consignment; last worn here (2nd outfit) a couple of weeks ago with shiny lame 

The top half of this dress is too short for my torso/boobs, and the elastic waist rides up. The fabric is also very drapey but very heavy, so it's a huge pain to take this dress off and on. I was hugely annoyed by it while I was shopping, so out of the closet it goes.
It's not like I have a shortage of dresses!

The stuff:
Good walking shoes after running around in cleats.

Purple bling:
I love all these purples and reds and pinks together.

  • Obi - vintage 80s, Liberty Belle, thrifted
  • Cuff - Catalyst Reaction Leather, thrifted
  • Earrings - thrifted

When I got home, my way into the den was blocked.
"You shall not pass!"
Vizzini, you jerk, get out of the way.
"Oh, are you wanting to get in here?"
Such a doofus.
"I think I can reach your earring from here."
I strolled over to the Patch after lunch, and found a couple of things. I am in love with this whale sweater.
The whale is navy blue.

This is by C. Wonder, and was $14.00.
I might just have to wear it with this skirt! It's an exact match.

I hemmed and hawed a bit over these wide pants.
 I love the fabric, they have pockets and they're by Design Lab, and they were $16.95.
However, they are about 4" too long on me, even with heels, so I need to get my lazy arse to Vlad the tailor and have them hemmed.

I stopped in at Rich Rags (my every 4 months pause there), and was rewarded with a fabulous find in this dress.
"It has no pieces for me to eat."
 Doesn't look like much on the hanger, but it's lovely fabric with intriguing structure.
It's black with peonies on it.

It was only priced at $29,00. I don't think the shop had heard of the brand All Saints before.
For a silk dress, that's a steal. For the "Peony Riviera Dress" it would have originally retailed for around $250.00. This is from the All Saints spring 2013 collection.
It looks really cool on, not that you would know, since someone's in the way...
Nice block, cat.

Possibly the most unflattering pose ever.
But you can see how the hem is pulled up at the sides. It's very mobile when I walk in it. I'm excited to wear it!

Today, I slept in then strolled to town for groceries.
I felt very touristy in my Hawaiian shirt.

  • Top - Tommy Hilfiger, thrifted; last seen here in August 2015 with yellow
  • Skirt - Smoking Lily, thrifted; last worn here in a fuscia fusion in September 2015
  • Shoes - Franco Sarto, consignment; last seen here (4th outfit) last weekend 

It's gorgeously hot and sunny today, so I sunblocked up.
This skirt is a bit big on me, and it rode up all morning. It was really annoying, so this skirt is also going to the great giveaway pile. I don't keep annoying clothing.

The stuff:
Comfy shoes, simple earrings.

  • Earrings - 5th anniversary gift from L

I wandered over to the WIN Boutique for a quick poke around. I found a coat! 

It has a bubble hem, and it zips up the front. I love the double zipper trim down the front, the bright colour and yes, of course it has pockets.

It's by Samuel Dong and was $34.95.
So pretty!

I also found this linen/rayon blend skirt - I adore the watery roses in the pattern, and yup, it's got pockets too!
It reminds me of vintage 50s skirts. It was $14.95 and is by Premise.

Mules are due for a comeback, aren't they? What about purple leather pointy-toe mules?
These are leather, they're made in Brasil and they don't look like they've ever been worn.
They were only $19.95, so I don't feel too bad if I only wear them a few times.

Linking up to "Visible Monday" over at Not Yet Dead Style - say hi to the wonderful Patti!

And how was your weekend?


  1. Great haul! I love the All Saints sheath, the floral skirt, and the purple mules (OMG!) .

    1. Thanks, Nancy! I know, mules need to come back in style!

  2. Oh wow that teal coat with the zippers is wonderful - what a great piece! :) I often think to myself that I'd like to add some colourful coats to my wardrobe for winter but never seem to get around to it before it warms up! I have my cobalt blue leather jacket but it would be nice to have more.

    It's a shame that max dress is going as it looks very nice in pictures. That's the thing though, the way something looks in a photo isn't an indication of how nice (or annoying) it is to wear.

    1. It's even better on, but I'm too lazy to take a picture just yet. I love bright coats! Yes, the dress has been a favourite for a while, but it's a very fussy piece to wear. Sad.

  3. Gorgeous in the chartreuse, and wow - the AllSaints dress! It's why we keep thrifting forever. Thanks for linking up, xox


  4. Your new coat is fantastic! And I think a whale top with a floral skirt might be my ideal outfit.

  5. I love the black and white maxi dress tho!

    1. Would you believe it's actually pale pink and navy blue?

  6. I enjoyed reading your post-such a variety of great looks-I wish pointy shoes would come back-I have a pair I'm dying to wear again

    1. Teresa, pointy shoes are always in - what are you waiting for!?

  7. Most of the links are broken today and I do not want to miss a thing!! Especially a shopping extravaganza!

    I LOVE your blog, it is by far my fave and I look forward to it everyday!

    1. Thank you so much for commenting, Maureen, and for reading! I really appreciate it! I'm sorry the links weren't working - I'm pretty careful with them.

  8. I need time alone in your closet and a big bag...
    You know you rock that all green look, I can see it in your smile. Of course you know I love that maxi dress too.
    Your findings.. could I be more jealous ? That C Wonder sweater looks like something I have been looking for!

    1. Ha, you would go nuts! I know, I love the whale sweater. As soon as I saw it, I knew.

  9. I loved your chartreuse outfit and you sure looked glam! I loved your purple and red/pink accessories, too.

    Loved your finds especially the coat and the floral skirt - lovely. And pockets are the the thing all women's clothes need for sure.

    Yes, annoying clothes - we've all had our fair share and you're right the only thing to do is to ditch them pronto.

    Vizzini looks so cute in his "you shall not pass pose"!

    Have a great week,


  10. I know what you mean about weekends Sheila, so precious yet they slip through your fingers so quickly! I adore that chartreuse dress and those matching shoes make it a to-die-for ensemble. The maxi dress looked fine, but if it's not fitting properly, like that skirt too, then it's time to move 'em on. Leaves room for a bit more then. And that little project is coming along nicely I see. Love that coat x

    1. They do, don't they, Anna. Ah, well. Thank you so much!

  11. fabulous chartreuse outfit! really glamourous and cool, and love all your purchases, particularly that coat!!

  12. I'm happy to see you wearing the Eject shoes, and you found the perfect matching dress (I really like Chartreuse). You have much better consignment stores there than I do here. The teal coat and flowered skirt (with pockets!) are excellent finds.

    Sorry to hear the navy and white dress doesn't fit well - I've always liked it on you. Oh well, free up space for something else.


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