Monday, July 4, 2016

Got the Orange Memo

Oh, good golly, was this ever a Monday. 
The fridge was not only broken, it was hot and smelled all chemical-y. Not good. Plus one of our servers (the interwebz kind, not the people kind) was down so connectivity problems all over! Frazzle-icious!

  • Blouse - Max Studio, thrifted; last worn here in July 2015 with floral, and recently rescued from the giveaway pile
  • Skirt - Un Deux Trois, thrifted; purchased here on the weekend for $12.99
  • Booties - Sopranos Angelina, Fluevog; last seen here in January with triple flares

I had to laugh amidst the chaos today: 4 of my female coworkers wore orange blouses in very similar cuts to this top! Yup, we got the memo. I did fish this out of the giveaway bag because I felt like I didn't give it enough of a chance last year (wore it once only). I'm still a little iffy. We'll see how it performs between now and end of September.
This is the first wearing of this icy grey embossed skirt...and I'm iffy on it as well. You know when a skirt suddenly decides that the lining should hang out the bottom below the external hem? I hate when skirts do that! It also creased up in my lap, which was just another irritant.

The stuff:
Fabulous boots, although they are a wee bit high. I wore them done up at the ankle this time, and they were quite comfy. I only moved 4 stacks of drawers today, so victory! I only have one more person to move and I'll be done.

Silver bling:
I couldn't resist one pop of turquoise! 

  • Necklace - thrifted
  • Earrings - local
  • Shield ring - Nine West
  • Turquoise ring - local

I hope my US friends are enjoying your Fourth of July! 


  1. I think you look fab in this outfit. It may seem simple but it isn't. The skirt is perfect and a flattering fit. The shoes (terrific) get all the attention they deserve and the blouse is necessary to make all of the other items work. Cut the lining to raise it so it won't peep from under your skirt and the creases? Live with it. The skirt is too good to lose. I have a dress which does the same. After I accepted the fact it creases it didn't bother me anymore.

  2. Oh dear not a great return from a long weekend! Shame you're so unsure about both pieces of your outfit too (although they look lovely in the photos). I find being uncomfortable with what I'm wearing makes the day harder to face when things go wrong!

  3. ohhhh, those shoes/booties are fabulous and I'm loving them insanely!!, fab fab shoes!!!
    lovely orange color too, and sorry about that skirt behaviour (it's really annoying!), it's a beautiful brocade skirt!

  4. Marvellous skirt - even if it was a pain.
    Haha, seems like there is a new uniform in your office: orange tops.

  5. The skirt looks fab and seems to fit you beautifully - no sign of creases that I could see. I also love the blouse - a great colour. Amazing shoes, very Victorian looking.

    I remember when the internet used go down at work - nobody could do anything! We all relied on it so much. Oh happy days!


  6. Good thing you all got the memo. Hahaha. Love orange. You are a strict taskmaster - forcing your clothes to perform or they get dumped. But yes, we must be demanding. Great outfit, and I particularly love the boots.

  7. I do love those boots! They maketh the outfit for me (with your fabulous hair and the accessories). I do also love the skirt but when you have to wear it and be comfortable...take the lining out??? :)

  8. The skirt looks very sweet so I would agree with others who say, fix the lining and keep it Sheila. Crazy, fab boots are the best part of this outfit though, love'm x


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