Sunday, November 24, 2013

Silk Chartreuse, The Unsafe Polar Bear, and Punk Princess

I think we should have Formal Fridays - screw Casual Fridays. They're full of bad clothing decisions. 

But I have dressing up on my mind this week, as the Unlimited Woman Awards (waaa! tickets sold out! in which I am a finalist in the Style category!) are happening on Wednesday night. Some of my wonderful women friends came over today for a try-on of my dress-up clothes this afternoon. We had wine spritzers and chocolate and man, we made some killer outfits, including mine! 

Back to Friday.
Seriously, I am in love with this dress. The colour, the buttery feel of the silk, the shape. It is beautifully made and was a pleasure to wear. It's got to be 80s, but I'm not quite sure when. I paid $10.00 for this awesome Mary Jo Bruno dress here last weekend.
The loose boatneck allowed me to show off a bit of my ink (I let a few people at work take a gander down the back).
I liked how the chartreuse went with the olive boots. I last wore them here with green and stripes about a month ago.

Bigass gold bling:
A mix of shiny, yellow gold and brass. Love that necklace so much.

Dress (Mary Jo Bruno, consignment), boots (Pegabo), belt (thrifted), necklace (thrifted, D'Orlan), earrings (homegrown vintage 90s, LA Express), ring (consignment), spinner ring (Twang & Pearl).

After work on Friday, I met up with 5 of my Book Club women for a night out. We met up for dinner then went to see the Blue Bridge Theatre's production of Sam Sheppard's play "True West"* at Victoria's famous Roxy Theatre* (it's a quonset hut*). It was very good for a local production, loved the renovations to the Roxy, and they have wine at the concession as well as popcorn! Woot!
*linking 'cause I love local arts, and love this old building (I saw "Rocky Horror" there for the first time!).

While standing around outside afterwards, we actually got meet and congratulate the two lead actors on a great show. Recommended, if you're looking for a night out!

My warm and wooly coat was amazing in the crisp morning/evening air.
I may have been a little tipsy after dinner (and wine at intermission), and as we walked back to Cat's place, I was dubbed "The Unsafe Polar Bear", as in, "Don't run across the street, like the Unsafe Polar Bear!"


On Saturday, L and I met up with our friend Andrew for brunch. I went a little bit punk-y, because why not?
I'm inspired by Megan Mae and her real-hawk, but mine's a faux-hawk. A little mousse and hairspray and yeah, man, I'm a punk princess.

Stud-muffin sweatshirt, yo.
 Last seen here in September with heavy metal during Monchromania! week.
The skirt is my long denim mermaid, last worn here (2nd outfit) earlier this month for the Emmylou Harris concert.

I wore my new-to-me blue coat with the ensemble, purchased also last weekend here for $20.00.
I know, score, right? Such a cute coat!

The boots are my classic Aldos, last seen here (um, 3rd outfit? with the barn skirt) last weekend. I do wear my faves a lot.

I'm wearing my leather/crystal Bauxo necklace with white gold hoops, nothing overly special for accessories.

Coat (Renuar, consignment), top (Silence + Noise, consignment), skirt (InWear, consignment), boots (Aldo, consignment), necklace (Bauxo).

I'll post pics of all of our try-ons with the wrap-up on Thursday (fingers crossed, hope I win!).


  1. Rooting for you!

    That chartreuse dress made me exclaim, "Captain Kirk!" when I saw the preview photo. It is so.

  2. Oh Iove your new chartreuse dress. And the faux hawk too, it's a natural for your fun, funky look.

  3. Great dress. I've seen a production of "True West" and am a fan of Sam's writing for the stage.

  4. That blue coat is really nice, and I love that dress and boots combination! :)

    Good luck with the awards, my fingers are crossed for you! :)

  5. Oh yes, the silk dress is really beautiful and looks great with the gold jewellery and the olive boots. Love the polar bear coat too, and the denim maxi skirt has such drama! xxxx

  6. Gorgeous colour and texture combo with the silk dress, those otk boots are so great on you. Totally loving both your new coats, and your excellent fauxhawk!

  7. That chartreuse dress is freakin' AMAZING on you!! The color, the style--perfection!!
    Unsafe Polar Bear--LOLOLOL--That coat is the bomb!!

    Love your punk look--and yes that blue jacket is just stunning!!

    Crossing my fingers that you win the award!! You're the best in my book!!

  8. I'm so excited for you Sheila! I can't wait to hear about the awards!

  9. The chartreuse dress and boot look is a winner! Marvelous outfit!!!!!
    andi have to agree with you, casual fridays can sometimes be very sad looking.

  10. LOVE your hawk!!! And that totally badass sweater. You're rockin' it.

  11. Gold is your color, for sure! I'll never forget your sleek golden look for Halloween as well.


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