Thursday, November 14, 2013

Oh So Normal - Black and Magenta, and the Post-Monster

Gotta rush tonight - L and I are off with some friends to see another concert. I'll tell you all about it on the weekend (I'm out after work tomorrow night as well, so Saturday will be my update).

Here we go:
I know my style is a little "out there" for most people - this is probably the most normal of an outfit you would see out of me. Something regular people would wear. I don't consider myself normal or regular (well, except in a bodily functional way, but this isn't that kind of blog, ha ha!).

I wore this magenta cardigan undone all day, as in the pictures below, but it looked bad when I did the Stair Pose, so I buttoned it up for that. I last wore it here in September with turquoise.
The scale-print top is my Rachel Roy one that I thrifted here in October on my weekend with my niece Zoe for $14.99. Score! It was great to wear today. The chain at the neckline meant I didn't need to wear a necklace.
Aren't these tux trousers divine? I last wore them here in July (yeah, I don't wear pants much) with my now-gone pink satin jacket. I paid $7.50 for them at the Hospice Thrift Store in September 2012 - they are handmade! I've rolled the cuffs here for that modern cropped pant look.

I busted out my Obakki coat this morning as it was pretty chilly.
I last wore this coat here in January 2013. I paid $29.50 for it at the WIN Warehouse store back here in October 2012. When I first wore it, one of my high-end fashion-loving coworkers saw it and gasped - she said it would have been over $1,000 new. Their current collection only has tops, skirts and dresses - the lowest priced item is $255.00...for a t-shirt! Their clothes are all hand-made and 100% of their profit goes directly to their charitable initiatives (link: because that is worth some love!).

The stuff:
Classic black pumps, last seen here in June when I was being all Mr. T.

The stuff:
I love that Midzo cuff.

Cardigan (Jacob, consignment), top (Rachel Roy, thrifted), trousers (handmade, thrifted), shoes (Guess), cuff (Midzo, thrifted), spinner ring (Twang & Pearl), ring (Dad's, early 60s, Francis Jewellers).

Vizzini was perched high atop his post this morning:
"Oh, are you leaving?"
That's his personal Fluevog bag for some Rar-Monster rough-housing.
"Just go, then."
He was initially aloof, but then he wanted to play.
"I'm rolling around, I'm so cute, play with me!"
 Sorry, buddy, gotta go to work.
"I claw the curtains!"
What a bad boy.


  1. That shade of purple is flattering on you.

  2. I love Vizzini's monologues! It's just what my cats would like to say aloud, if they weren't so lazy. Fab look today and wow! what a great coat. I went to the site and I really like the Obakki collections.

  3. AWW his paws in the last picture! I love them! I don't love that he's clawing your curtains though, naughty boy!

    I really love your coat!

  4. That Rachel Roy is lovely and I love the magenta color on you. I also love the captioned Vizzini photos, I swear my dog has a full opinion about my whole life and more importantly how everything revolves around her.


  5. What a gorgeous coat! If I saw you wearing it, I'd have gasped too, but just from love. :D Thrifting is such a cool way to find out about brands, isn't it?

  6. I don't think your style is "out there" at all!! It's unique but business appropriate!!
    love the outfit--and that coat is FANTASTIC!!

    And how can anyone resist Vizzini cuteness!!

  7. You are golden - not regular! Regular peeps don't usually own so many unique and fabo pieces. Tux pants? Only style superstars have such

  8. Love the bright cardi with the printed top! I have so many colourful cardigans I plan to wear in a very similar way, but rarely ever do. I think maybe cardis are not for me.

  9. I knew that Rachel Roy top would look brilliant! Clever that jewellery is within the top. I agree with Aya too, the coat would make me gasp for loveliness, not just thrifting bargain xx

  10. Awwww, rolly kitty! I'd never wind up at work on time if the kitty wanted to play.

    ALSO WOW at that coat. Excellent deal. Coats are one of the things I think are really worth investing in something you love, but you got both something fantastic and at a good price~

  11. Love that shade of magenta, and you look very sexy in those smart trousers! And oh my - the COAT! Divine!
    Vizzini is adorable. Naughty, but adorable! xxx

  12. Normal is good too. I like it, specially trousers, I know you dont wear them often but when you do, you rock them.


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