Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Kim's Suit...and Last Bit of Tease

I hear suits are all the rage these days, and I was feeling lazy last night...so out comes one of my suits.
'Course, this one is special. Not only is it made in Canada, but I bought it second-hand. And it fits like a dream.

Did I mention it was Kim Cattrall's? Yes, it belonged to her - her sister (who lives on Vancouver Island) consigned it.
I last wore the skirt of it here in October (scroll down past Vizzini sniffing the Traveling Yellow Skirt), and the jacket of it here in February (that's the last time I wore this thrifted sleeveless green sweater too).

I have only worn the suit together once before, here (2nd outfit) in September 2012.
 Pretty smashing, eh? I wore it open all day for comfort. I run around a lot at work.
It makes my butt look good. Heh. I love the chocolate brown trim on it. So luxurious!

The stuff:
A second-hand suit with second-hand shoes. I last wore these thrifted Nine West shoes here (2nd outfit) in October for my birthday week.

Orange bling:
The pin was a birthday gift from Mom several years ago.

Suit (Pink Tartan, consignment, Kim Cattrall's), top (Harve Bernard, thrifted), shoes (Nine West, thrifted), brooch (gift from Mom), earrings (Plum).

Someone's been watching me.
It's rare for him to sit still for long!

Okay, more teases for my outfit tomorrow night!
I have never worn the main part of the outfit on the blog before.
 Are those red leather gloves? Is that a silly question?
You know me and my floofy underskirts!


  1. So gorgeous, Sheila! Love the shoes too. Cant wait to see tomorrow night's outfit - tantalizing!

  2. Seriously, Kim Cattrall's suit? Well, you wear it well. It has sexy written all over it!

  3. Suits are all the rage? Good to know. Sheila, I'd be lost without you!

  4. Love the suit, so fitted and divinely fitted. Forget Kim, this is great on you.
    Tomorrow night? Too bad they don't televise this. Or do they?! Need I remind you to get lots of pics. You need a designated photographer.

  5. You wear it well and hello it has a history!
    How did you know it was Kim's sister's suit?

    1. Once I had bought it, the owner of the store (House of Savoy) then let me know whose suit it had been - she didn't want someone to buy it just for the name. Kim was associated with Pink Tartan when it was first launched in Canada. I think she probably got this suit then.

  6. That suit is beautiful when the pieces are paired together! :) Such a nice outfit, and a lovely pin :)

    Looking forward to seeing your awards outfit even more now!

  7. I'm with Melanie; this suit fits you so well you have been transformed into the goddess of tweed.

  8. Smashing in this suit! I love the details, and the history too. Can't wait to see your full outfit pic, teaser!

  9. I am glad to know suits are in all the rage! I have quite a few, but none in tweed. It looks like the suit was tailor made for you.

  10. Fabulous suit!! I can't believe it was Kim Cattrall's! That is the coolest thing ever!

    Loving the teaser pics, really can't wait to see the whole ensemble!

  11. Super-smart suit, Sheila! (Awful amounts of alliteration, apologies...!)
    Good luck for tomorrow's event! xxx

  12. Wow! When we hear "suit", we think boring but this beauty is stylish and exciting. It makes me want to be you -- but that is a daily dream, so don't pay much attention to that. :-)

  13. That suit looks amazing on you!
    Have fun tonight. Looking forward to seeing the pics.


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