Friday, November 8, 2013

Gypsy Blues and Purple Velvet People-Eater

Woo! Friday! To reward myself for getting through the week, I had a slice of pizza and a glass of wine on the way home. That's decadence!

I kind of didn't go casual today:
I felt like a gypsy (in the best way possible) in this. All rich embroidery and swooshy light skirt and lush purples. I think the belt lends an important neutral element and grounds this, along with the tan in the sandals, and a titch of neutral (just a smidge) in the embroidery. And I wore a shark.

This is my most-cherished black velvet embroidered jacket, last worn here (3rd outfit) in October.

A nearly exact matching set of camisole, tights and shoes made my purple-loving heart feel good.

The wonderful blue skirt hasn't been worn on its own for a long time! It wasn't in any of the capsules a year+ ago, although I wore it a couple of time during the capsule as a layering piece. It accidentally got tucked into the costume box, and I'd forgotten about it! It's by Noa Noa - that's a brand I really miss buying from Dots, but all their stuff, no matter how nice it is, is manufactured in China. Can't do it. Women of Victoria! Donate your Noa Noa to the thrift shops, please, so I can buy it with a clear conscience.
It's lined in blue cotton (I have a half-slip on to prevent Tight Creep), and the outer layer is a fuller skirt of stripes of sheer blue netting and cotton. It has amazing motion.

Here's how I've worn it since I got it in June 2011. It was a sample piece, with a retail price of $125.00, Dots price of $49.99, then further marked down to $18.00. The colour is called "Honor."

June 2011: one of my favourite looks: cowgirl! There is a picture of the original price tag there.
August 2011, 2nd outfit: worn as a skirt and t-shirt for a casual dinner out;
April 2012: as my first outfit of the 3 day Victoria Steam Expo, as one of many layers; and
September 2012, 3rd outfit: layered under my Spanish ladies dress for Winesday.

Here's something I don't think I've ever worn on the blog:
It's a 1940s purple velvet coat. I've had it for over 20 years - I used to wear it all the time in the 90s - and wouldn't have paid over $25 for it. It has no labels, and the lining is close to falling apart (the pockets have been replaced), but it's heavy and gorgeous.

I see this oversized style of coat is in style again - isn't that funny? Everything comes back.
I felt regal in all this purple.

The stuff:
Fab Fluevogs! I last wore them here (2nd outfit, once again there's the Spanish ladies dress!) back in July with my black shirtdress.

Local bling:
The belt is vintage 70s, but all the rest is locally-made.

Jacket (Le Chateau, consignment), cami (InWear), skirt (Noa Noa), shoes (Bellevue Pearl Hart, Fluevog), belt (vintage 70s, thrifted), shark ring/earrings (local), spinner ring (Twang & Pearl).

Vizzini was bugging me to feed him while I was taking pictures of the stuff when I got home.
"Don't make me eat your shoes. Feed me!"
He's all happy now he's had his food.

Have a wonderful weekend! To my fellow Canucks, peace and thanks on this Remembrance Day to those who fought and died for us.


  1. you look very regal in this! That jacket and skirt are amazing. Your purple coat makes me miss mine- I had a black velvet opera coat I got from a theater and I foolishly donated it to Goodwill. You look lovely and warm in yours.

  2. That jacket is really a standout piece! I like how you've combined the blues and purples.

  3. The jacket is exquisite and looks beautiful with the swooshy skirt. And of course - great shoes! Always impressive to hear that someone thinks about where clothing is manufactured and the ethical implications of their purchasing power - good for you, Sheila.
    The 1940s velvet coat is a wonderful piece, and yes, if you wait long enough, all the trends come around again don't they? I am seeing lots of over-sized 80s coats in charity shops which look just like current designer ones!
    Have a great weekend! xxxxx

  4. You look regal indeed! And boho, and fabulous. That's a wonderful jacket. Now I see the shark too!

  5. A purple velvet coat?! Sitting all unloved in your closet?! It's a good thing we don't live closer or that baby might disappear mysteriously...

  6. It's Mary Poppins inspired. Love it, especially the skirt. Thanks for posting the photos and feel free to drop by me too anytime.

  7. Having serious coat envy. Love it! I have a purple velvet couch that I adore. Essentially you can't go wrong with purple velvet... xx

  8. You're a vision of purpleness! The jacket is so gorgeous, and I think those are my favorite Fluevogs - and the ones I'd be most likely to buy myself.

  9. Amazing outfit, Sheila - and with the purple cocoon coat, divine! This is a new favourite of yours for me, though there are so many. Very glad to see Vizzini perked up and hungry. :)

  10. I love the skirt, yes it has a gypsy vibe, but I love it! And the purple coat - wow!!

  11. Purple is a favourite of mine, love the coat and the shoes too.

    I feed the cats before I do anything else when I get home. With four of them they'd beat me up if I made them wait!


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