Monday, November 18, 2013

Red, Lavender and Dark Florals

Ah, Monday, my old foe. Back to the gym I went tonight, after a 1+ month absence, so now I am tired and I want to watch the football game. So here we go.
 I had fun mixing lavender and pinks and reds in this outfit. Do you see my necklace? Look harder.

This is my dark floral thrifted top, last seen here with more blacks in September.
I'm now down to $2.50 per wear, since I only paid $5.00 for it. Not bad!
The skirt is my lovely buttah-soft red leather number, last worn here (3rd outfit) in August for L's high school reunion.

The stuff:
 Killer lavender booties. My feet are a little sore, so easy shoes for me tomorrow! I last wore these here in April with my transitional dishwater blonde hair.

Did you spot my necklace yet? It's the string of flowers!
How good a match is that with my blouse?

Blouse (no label, thrifted), skirt (Ocean West, consignment), booties (Feud), belt (Plum), necklace (locally-made), leather rose cuff (consignment), earrings (Le Chateau).

 Outerwhere? Outerthere!
Isn't it fab? It was deliciously warm in the morning for my walk to work, especially with my new-to-me fluffy fur scarf.
And boilingly hot to walk home in! This will be an awesome winter coat - it's not quite cold enough for it yet!

I'm off! Sorry for not visiting y'all lately - it's been busy, that's all I can say. Thank you so much for reading, commenting and for lurking (I see you, hee hee).


  1. Good for you getting back to the gym! I did too!
    And I love the big fuzzy coat -- that would make winter suck considerably less!

  2. Well, your calves have clearly not suffered from their time off. That red leather skirt is still sexay!

  3. That skirt is fierce! That would make ANY outfit sexy. I need me a red (p)leather skirt, too!

  4. The leather skirt is sooooooooooooooooooooooo sexy! I need me one in red, too!

  5. Love the red skirt with the floral top, and the flower necklace is definitely perfect against the top! :)

  6. So much fabulousness--the coat is AMAZING on!! Very movie-star!!

    Love the floral top with the red skirt and those amazing lavender booties!!

  7. Love that coat! And I love that you walk to work, that is awesome. It's amazing how your necklace was made for your blouse!

  8. Ooh that coat will be wonderful on a really cold day! Love the red skirt, looks fantastic on you! Yay for getting back to the gym too!

  9. I would love to find a skirt like is great! And I love how the necklace matches the blouse! You are amazing with all that you discover!

  10. I looked 3 times and did not see the necklace... and then pop! there it was.
    How cool, it's like your top is 3D-

  11. That necklace is wonderful. The fact that it is locally made makes it even more fabulous.


  12. LOVE how that necklace works with that top. Oh, and those marvelous boots of awesome. I dunno why but I think of them as your unicorn boots.

  13. Gorgeous, plain and simple...! I want you to know, too, that you totally rocked my world with the disclosure of clip-on drapery rings!! I ran out and bought some for a skirt I was struggling with. I wanted to keep it long, but didn't want to wear it super long ALL the time. Voila, the perfect solution, thanks to you.

    The skirt is just one of a number of pieces I've made recently. I anticipate blogging about them at some point soon and will be sure to make mention of your genius. I'll let you know when I do. In the meantime, THANK YOU!!! Your inspiring post came at just the right time.


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